Buying Email ListYou might be having reservations about buying email lists for marketing purposes because you might have been warned about buying email marketing lists which are not prepared according to your market. As when vendors prepare email marketing lists which you buy of them, they take random email addresses from random websites, scratch them off from old lists, from free samples and many other places. And more than 90% of these people will probably not be interested in your specific product or service. Chances are that either they won’t open your email and delete it, or it goes to junk mail directly.

Buying Email List

However, we work a bit differently and are here to debunk the above saying and warnings. Obviously the above stands true for people who aren’t experienced in making email lists but we’re specialized in making such lists and know how to go about it. First of all, we know that not all lists are for everybody. Every single client that comes to us gets a unique email list. There are different ways of collecting email marketing list; we give you the correct list which will ensure you’re targeting the right audience. We make custom made email lists to target your consumer market. We also advice and help you out on how to go about making your marketing email list. For example, you could add a pop up window every time someone visits your site. Tell them to sign up for your free newsletter to be updated. A study showed that 2 in every 20 people do end up giving their email address to a pop up window of a website they’re interested in. Also, with so much going on around the social media, you can easily make a Facebook page for instance and persuade people to join. For example your page could say “Join our 20,000 subscribers!”

Many enterprisers and businesses are scared and reluctant to get involved with buying email lists as it appears to be an intimidating task and sometimes a waste of time and money. However, we are dedicated to providing you with not only quality email lists but also excellent service and support along with all the resources you need to make your email marketing campaign a huge success. Our main aim is to help you out in achieving what you want. We promise our clients utmost satisfaction, by never compromising on quality and we never hesitate to revisit our lists to make as many changes to the lists as needed.

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