Buy Opt-In Email Leads for Your Business

Buy Opt-In Leads for Your Business

  1. Why Buy an Email Leads List?
  2. Purchased Email Leads Can Be Organic Leads
  3. Turn Your Purchased B2B Email Leads into a Buy Opt-In Leads
  4. How to Buy a Targeted B2B Email Leads List?

Any marketer worthy of the name would give you advice on the purchase of email lists. After all, email lead lists are the lifeblood of your business. In some cases, your customer leads lists are your entire business. Why would you trust something crucial to the success of your business to any company producing third-party lists or some random offering free email leads?

The fact is you should not! Buying email lists has a history of tragedy behind it and many entrepreneurs and new marketers can tell you horror stories of business failure because of junk email lists. Naturally, as a new marketer or entrepreneur, you would be wary of any company selling email leads lists. Correct?

But what if you can buy targeted email list leads that perform just as well or even better than your organic leads list? What if you were guaranteed a targeted B2B email leads list that worked with your email marketing strategy and was made specifically for consumers in your industry? What if you can get your purchased B2B email leads to becoming buy opt-in leads?

 Why Buy an Email Leads List?

The first thing you should know is that there is an excellent reason behind those horror stories of buying email lists. The main reason is that they weren’t actual leads. They were just email lists. Random emails plucked out of thin air and handed over to you to hope for the best. Emails that no doubt blocked you from the minute you sent your first welcome email.

Those cheap and free email list generation companies are the reason behind most of these email horror tales. They are the reason you need General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and why the term – bought emails – sends chills down seasonal marketers’ spines. Those shoddy companies gave email lists purchasing a bad name and ruined many businesses along the way.

Because of their actions, many companies never saw or knew of the benefits of a highly targeted B2B email leads list.  Instead of leads list purchase being a standard business step to grow your business, it is seen as a shady practice done only by businesses looking to scam you.

In reality, purchasing a targeted B2B email leads list can be an intelligent step to success. There are many benefits

  •         Less research
  •         Sure Engagement
  •         Faster Growth
  •         Organic Reach
  •         Instant Customer Base
  •         Highly Adaptable
  •         Pre-cleaned Lists
  •         Improved or Lower customer acquisition costs
  •         Better ROI

When you grow your list organically, it can take months to years before you make a sale. Months and years spent A/B testing, writing emails, and cleaning lists until you achieve your optimal email leads list. Months and years of time and effort you’ll spend in organic lead generation trying to find those ultimate B2B clients. For a startup that isn’t cash-heavy and constantly needs money to keep it afloat, those months and years can quickly turn to debt and bankruptcy.

With a targeted B2B email leads list, you have an immediate B2B database of customers interested in your product or service. No research and testing are necessary, and you’ll get faster engagement and growth that feels organic. Partnering with the right data validation company can get you leads that are Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and GDPR compliant. With the right email marketing strategy, your purchased B2B email leads can perform like organic leads.

Purchased Email Leads Can Be Organic Leads

Have you purchased organic email leads? You may think it’s clickbait, right?


Purchased email leads can work just as well or perform better than organic leads with half the time and investment. How?

First, what should your organic leads do?

  •         Your leads must suit your buyer persona and can become part of your long-term customer database.
  •         Your leads must align with campaign goals, and therefore they must be segmented.
  •         Your leads must be GDPR, CASL, CCPA, and Can-Spam Act Compliant
  •         Your leads must get high open and click rates
  •         Your email list leads must not be filled with uncleaned data
  •         Your email leads list must align with industry needs and trends
  •         Your email leads lists should be updated and relevant

Once you can get your purchased email leads to opt-in, they will form part of your long-term customer database. Essentially, they are now your leads, and one of the key benefits of organic leads is ownership. And those owned leads are what you can base your marketing strategy on.

Apart from the time-saving factor, the best benefit of purchased email list leads is its ability to quickly change campaign strategies or even target audiences without long-term testing. Rapid adaptability gives your business the edge over your competition to move with trends by finding your target audience without lengthy searching, testing and strategizing. Your audience is already tested and ready, so you can move on to the next best thing before your competitor’s organic leads find their way into their B2B database.

Of course, this only works with quality buy opt-in leads from FrescoData. Your highly targeted email leads from FrescoData will be based on the same criteria as your buyer persona. We can craft the ideal B2B email leads list using the latest industry, demographic, and behavioral data.

Unlike previous email list sellers that gave any random email, you will be choosing who you want in your email leads list. You can select your targeted buyer persona, latest industry data, email marketing strategy, and overall business goals. Your email leads list will come to you clean and ready to bring in the conversions because half of your lead generation strategy is completed for you.

Turn Your Purchased B2B Email Leads into a Buy Opt-In Leads

Like your organic leads list, you need to turn the leads on your purchased list into buy opt-in lead buyers. The same way you treat your organic email list with respect for their privacy and time, you should treat your paid list customers with the same courtesy. Consequently, you should take the time to adhere to these simple guidelines to convert your purchased B2B email leads list into a buy opt-in leads list.

Don’t Skimp on the Buyers’ Journey

Just because these leads are ready and interested in your industry and product doesn’t necessarily mean they will automatically know, love, and buy from you. You still have to put in the effort of taking them through their buyers’ journey and a seamless customer onboarding process. Shoving them directly into a live campaign is a recipe for disaster, and sadly it is an action that many businesses and marketers take when they purchase email lead lists.

Build Brand Loyalty and Trust

Loyalty is still a valuable commodity, and it brings in repeat business. Your new leads need to know and love what you do for your email marketing strategy to succeed. You need to wow them in the beginning and establish a position of trustworthiness with their data. Show value from the first email and invite them to know your brand and how it helps their needs. Use soft outreach with a sample campaign to build trust and test engagement.

Keep Up With GDPR Compliance and Other Data Protection Acts

The goal of all data protection acts is to protect the consumer. In many of these acts, like the CCPA, CASL, and others, customers need to be informed of data collection, use, destruction, and storage.

Under the GDPR, your email list provider or collector must have a lawful purpose behind collecting the minimum amount of data compiled under the Act. Processors and collectors are also held accountable for the data they receive and any unlawful distribution. Customers must have ready access to portable data and can delete or remove their data if needed.

To meet the requirements of California’s Controlling the Assault of Non Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 or CAN-Spam Act of 2003 you must:-

  •         Have affirmative consent
  •         Accurate header information
  •         Returning email, IP, and postal address
  •         Identify yourself and your purpose. Especially if advertising or marketing.
  •         Don’t change the “to” or “from” sections
  •         Don’t use deceptive subject lines
  •         Have a functioning reply email response.
  •         Don’t send sexual content via email
  •         Recipients need to be able to opt-out of future communications

Allow for Opt-in, Sharing, and Opt-out Options

Email list services and CRM’s are not friendly to paid email list options. Your purchased leads need the option to opt-in and opt-out to meet email list services standards. Use helpful gated content for lead generation and provide opportunities for sharing the email in case of opt-out by including sharing buttons. Not only will this allow email list services to be more receptive to purchased lists, but it also meets GDPR compliance and helps clean your email list of unreceptive prospects.

Double Opt-In on Sales Confirmation Pages

To ensure your purchased email leads have been with you for a long time, one way to include a double opt-in option on your sales confirmation page. Have your new buy opt-in leads become loyal subscribers to your newsletter, get updates on new products or receive notification of your next sale.

Special Offers for Those Who Opt-In

Make opt-in great again. Create special offers for your first sign-ups by offering discounts, freebies, and special welcome packages. Have your new sign-ups play games or participate in surveys to find their interests, create an interactive customer journey and reward them with prizes along the way.

Adapt Your Marketing Strategy

Purchased lists can be tailored to your email marketing strategy, but you must ensure your overall marketing plan has the purchased list in mind. For example, inbound marketing works best for building organic leads. However, you already have your email leads. Therefore, an inbound strategy is a bit counterproductive on that end.

A great marketing strategy for a purchased B2B email leads list is an outbound marketing strategy with a multi-step campaign. It allows you to drive your campaigns forward while giving your leads the option to opt out at any stage of the campaign. Or you can use your new buy opt-in email leads the list as part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. In the end, the best marketing strategy is the one that helps you achieve your business goals.

Use Data Enhancement Services

Data enhancement services give purchased email leads a considerable advantage over organic email lead lists. With organic leads, depending on your data enhancement skills, you may end up with a list that doesn’t improve. With a purchased email leads list from FrescoData, data enhancement and prospect research are done for you. You can start with a new list hassle-free and begin a new campaign without missing a beat.

Use Geo-targeting Segmentation with Mobile-Friendly UI and UX

Starting with local SEO makes it easier for you to build trust with your new prospects, and they can easily recognize your brand. Make your emails user-friendly and craft a better user experience for mobile users. Team both geo-targeting segmentation with mobile marketing and use geofencing mobile marketing to target leads in your area.

Don’t Forget to Segment

Lack of segmentation is one of the main reasons behind the failure of bought email lists. If your purchased list includes random emails without data enhancement and is segmented by country or industry, at the very least, it is doomed to fail. Segmentation by updated demographic and behavioral data provided by FrescoData can give your company a competitive edge in your industry. We have data from top-tier countries like the United States, so you can buy a US email list or email lists from any of the 60 plus countries that FrescoData serves.

How to Buy a Targeted B2B Email Leads List?

Given the horror stories of the past, many marketers and businesses rarely purchase email leads. Therefore many don’t know what to look for when buying targeted emails, especially for B2B. Generally, B2B email leads perform better than B2C email list leads, and because of that, shady email list services think any email opted into your industry will work for you. In reality, they only work temporarily or never at all without a proper email marketing strategy.

First, let’s check off some red flags you should avoid when choosing your email list provider

  •         No questions asked or security concerns
  •         No GDPR compliance and/or association
  •         No disclosed sources
  •         No money or too cheap to be true
  •         No clean lists
  •         No updated lists
  •         No segmentation

If you see an email list provider out there offering lists and just one of these red flags – RUN!

Their solution to when the list doesn’t work is to buy more lists. Not adjust the list. Not change the plan. Not anything except buy more lists. Before you choose your email list provider, please do some research on them beforehand.

What to Ask When Purchasing B2B Email Lists

Before you begin buying targeted email list leads, you must first know your target audience. The more detailed your buyer persona, the more targeted your leads are. Don’t know how to find your buyer persona? No worries! FrescoData can help! We’ll help make sense of your business and customer analytics to help find your ideal buyer persona.

Before buying email leads, you will also need a campaign goal. Campaign goals must align with your buyer goals/needs. If you don’t know who you want to target or what you want to achieve, neither organic nor paid email leads will help you.

Now that you are aware of what you want in your email leads lists. It’s time to choose your leads, and you do so by asking the right questions.

  •         How often is your B2B database updated and cleaned?
  •         How many of your leads are relevant to my niche?
  •         On what percentage of those leads can I expect a decent ROI?
  •         How do you source your leads?
  •         Will I own these leads?
  •         How will buying email leads fit with my marketing strategy?
  •         Can I purchase an email leads the list by country?
  •         What type of top-quality leads can I expect from your B2B database?

Only FrescoData has the answers to all these questions and more. We can assist in creating the right email marketing strategy for your next campaign. You can purchase email lists by industry and country and receive top-quality email leads to critical decision-makers for your B2B campaign. Your buy opt-in leads will eventually form part of your B2B database, and you are guaranteed over 90% ROI on your investment.

Buying Email Leads is Not a Sin

At a glance, buying email lists doesn’t seem ideal for your lead generation needs. And with the wrong email list provider, it can be an outright disaster to any current and future business goals. On the other hand, there are times when growing your list organically isn’t always possible, profitable, or price worthy.

As mentioned before, building your organic email leads list takes considerable time and effort. Not every business owner is equipped to do so within their budget or time, especially if those organic leads don’t convert quickly to cash.

Purchasing B2B email leads from FrescoData makes it easier to enter a new market or industry, change marketing strategies, speed up lead generation and get ahead of the competition. Buying email leads can seem like using cheat codes to win the game for those who built their business on organic leads, and you may think it isn’t ethical to reach out to total strangers and ask them for your business. But what do you call cold calling?

It’s the same thing. Instead of choosing alone, you have someone with industry experience at your side, showing you who to reach out to and how.  Strategize today with FrescoData. Our company can provide data enhancement, geofencing mobile marketing, and email list services with demographic and behavioral data from top-tier industries and countries. Contact FrescoData, and let’s discuss your next email marketing campaign.

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