marketing strategies to increase student enrollment

The number one job of higher education marketers is to increase student enrollment. Everything else is directly proportional to the number of students you have. If that number declines, you must adopt effective marketing strategies to increase student enrollment. 

Why is this important? So far, higher education marketers have not been having a field day. Every factor seemingly works against them- the pandemic, declining interest in higher institutions, increasing cost of student debts, poor leadership in schools, and more. 

If you want to boost your student enrollment rate, you need to show the value of higher education and create a safe space for students to become the best version of themselves. 

Need help with all of this? Don’t worry. This article will examine eight marketing strategies to increase student enrollment and generate revenue. 

Let’s go. 

Marketing Strategies to Increase Student Enrollment

Undoubtedly, student enrollment rates have declined over the last couple of years. According to recent research, higher institutions lost over 1.1% of their student population in 2022, representing 4.2% between 2020 and 2022. 

What marketing strategies can you adopt to increase student enrollment? 

  • Set Reasonable Goals and Objectives

You should set goals and objectives when creating a higher education marketing strategy. You’ll have something to measure your progress against if you do. A plan helps you to figure out your destination and provides clarity when making decisions. 

How do you set goals? First of all, you have to consider what’s important to you. 

For instance, do you want more students from a specific age range or demographic? Are you seeking new, diverse students? Do you want a set of students with special interests because you want to form or expand a department? 

These are all measurable goals you can work toward. They will help guide your decision processes so you can determine the type of marketing tactic to work with, the target audience, your advertising budget, and the channels to focus your advertising. 

After setting the goals, it becomes easier to determine the right step to lead them. There is no right or wrong step. What may work for one school may not work for the other. The choice is yours. 

  • Renovate Your Facility

“Wait, I thought we were talking about marketing strategies to increase student enrollment? What does renovation have to do with anything?” 

Yes, you’re right. It doesn’t have anything to do with an increase in student enrollment rate. It has everything to do with it. 

Students walk into school and immediately feel among when it’s aesthetically pleasing. 

You’re not just selling a bunch of courses when promoting a school. You’re selling the pride and reputation the child will carry for life. Students will bypass your school if your college doesn’t have the right aesthetic appeal, laboratory equipment, or basic learning facilities.

Make little but significant investments to improve the aesthetic design of your school: 

  • paint the hallways and building exteriors
  • fix broken seats
  • redesign the logo
  • change the uniform of the school band team
  • redecorate the dining halls
  • add current books to the library 

And so much more. 

Oftentimes, you only have one chance to leave a mark, so make it count. 

  • Fix Your Website

When students seek information about any higher institution, the university’s website is the first place they go. Therefore, you must make your website appealing, accessible, and educative to give a great first impression. 

Let’s take it step-by-step. 

Your website should be informative. It’s a communication tool before anything else, so it should provide the information students require. Your website should include departments and courses, staff information, operation hours, reviews, and success stories.

Secondly, your website should be a lead generation tool. You should be able to gather information about prospective students from your website. Insert a link to collect names, physical addresses, emails, and other essential information for easy targeting. 

Should you disregard aesthetics? Absolutely not. Your website should visually appeal to students. Aside from the website design, you should take pictures of your students in their element, staff, artwork, university activities, and even a quick tour of the school. Prospective students should feel like they’re already in your school when they open your website.  

  • Social Media Marketing

When targeting prospective students, your target audience is mostly Gen Z. According to this research, over 50% of Gen Zers spend more than four hours daily on social media. This study shows that you can’t afford to sleep on your social media marketing strategy. 

After checking your website, students will likely look at your social media pages to get a feel of campus life. You must ensure that your social media pages reflect your values, impactful academic and extracurricular activities, and prestigious success stories. 

The first thing to do to grow your social media is to identify what platform your target audience uses the most. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spread your marketing efforts across the board, but you should focus on the media that yield the highest ROI. 

According to this research, Gen Zers use Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube the most. Establish a solid presence on these platforms and create relatable content that reflects your brand to grow your audience. 

  • Go Traditional

While it’s exceedingly popular to focus your marketing efforts on digital spaces, traditional advertising hasn’t gone out of style. You will be shocked at the amount of traction you can get from advertising in traditional spaces. 

Why is this so?

Advertising in traditional media is a great way to connect with your local audience. It’s a great way to target prospective students in your local community. It helps to establish personal relationships with them. 

Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, it’s easier to reach a targeted, diverse audience with traditional marketing than with digital marketing. Think about it- if it were so easy to target the right people for your business online, why would you need to use so many marketing strategies to narrow your audience? 

If you use traditional media for advertising your products, the only people that will reach out are people genuinely interested in it. You won’t have to wonder if you’re targeting the right people. Radio, television, and billboard ad placements will forever be effective.

  • Don’t Sleep on Video Marketing

Over 95% of Gen Zers between 13 to 17 use YouTube the most, followed by Instagram and TikTok. Aside from prospective students, you can easily reach millennials and many baby boomers on YouTube. People from all age range working in different industries use YouTube for various reasons.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be a pro or spend thousands of dollars to run a YouTube page. Your goal should be to portray the school in the most positive way possible.

Just like your website, students should feel like they’re living on campus when they watch your videos. Just focus on creating relatable content that showcases your school’s good qualities. 

Furthermore, take advantage of Instagram stories and reels. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to bear the burden of video content creation alone. You can utilize user-generated content (UGC) to raise awareness about your school at a low cost. 

  • Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content will always be king. You won’t move far without the right content, even if you have solid social media and video marketing strategies. 

When prospective students scan your websites, they will likely go through your blog posts, articles, and research papers to see the quality of content you pride yourself in. You wouldn’t want to post content riddled with typographical errors or oozes incompetence and mediocrity. 

Putting out the right content will help establish trust and long-term relationships with students, even after graduation. People are more eager to trust college and government websites than regular blog posts because they feel like it’s more authentic and reliable. 

Great content should go two ways: the first type of content should be professional, like research papers, global news feed, alumni success stories, or post-educational achievements. The second type of content should appeal to students and campus life. You could post content about student life, how to prepare for college, time management tips for students, etc. 

  • Work on your Email Marketing Strategy

Over 76% of high schoolers say they prefer receiving information via email from higher institutions rather than direct mail, messages, and phone calls.  

Email marketing is an affordable way to increase your target audience base, promote your services, and generate a high ROI. Higher institutions can increase student enrollment via email marketing by promoting educational programs, offering academic consultancy services, and showing off your school’s benefits. 

Email marketing helps you to segment your audience. It’s almost impossible for every student that researches your school to have the same agenda. Some people might be searching for good undergraduate programs, while others may look for graduate programs in your university with fully funded scholarships. 

When you segment your audience, sending relevant and personalized messages to solve their individual requests becomes easier. This tactic increases conversion rates, boost loyalty and trust and increases student enrollment over time. 

Combine email marketing with content, social media, paid ads, and video, and you’ll be shocked at the results you’ll get. 

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