What is Omnichannel Marketing Funnel?

omnichannel marketing funnel

Do you wish to widen your clientele and boost sales for your company? Then you need to curate the perfect Omnichannel Marketing Funnel.

In today’s world, you can’t build a powerful brand on one medium and expect your intended market to interact with you via it. You must engage purchasers via different methods to get the desired results, which only this technique can do.

Need help with it? Don’t worry. We will examine the meaning of omnichannel marketing and create the perfect funnel for your enterprise or firm.

Shall we?

What is Omnichannel Marketing? 

This technique enables brands to engage with people through various online and offline platforms and create a consistent identity. These online and offline platforms include chatbots, email marketing, websites, social media, apps, events, and more.

When you interact with the intended market through every possible means, expanding your clientele, boosting loyalty, personalizing the purchaser’s experience, drastically reducing loss, and getting more money becomes easy.

This research reveals that over 80% of purchasers rely on this technique because it provides a smooth experience. Also, enterprises that adopt this robust technique have 90% higher customer retention rates than brands that don’t.

If you’re in e-commerce, now is the time to adopt these effective techniques. In a world with various mouthwatering products and services, it’s hard to shop through one channel.

Most shoppers can purchase online while standing at a physical store or interacting with a brand through social platforms.

This Harvard Business Review study shows that over 73% of purchasers shop via numerous channels, with only 7% exclusively buying things online and 20% in-store. This research also shows that this technique is no longer optional.

Omnichannel Marketing Funnel

When creating a funnel, you must remember that customers don’t follow a linear path when purchasing a product.

In the 90s, you could advertise any product primarily through oral messages, magazines, newspapers, TV, referrals, and store products. The 2000s saw the rise of social media. You could easily advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and the likes and generate high-quality leads. Google Ads were also super effective.

However, in the post-COVID era, purchase decisions are not linear since offers overflow. Brands constantly bombard people with the latest offers.

You must meet them at different channels to capture their attention and raise awareness. People can stumble upon the Google ad, receive an email 14 days later, check your Instagram Page from the explore feed, open the email, and then purchase your product.

Every effective funnel has four stages: Awareness, Desire, Consideration, and Purchase Loyalty.

Omnichannel marketing funnel

  • Awareness (TOF): This stage focuses on generating awareness about a product or service through any possible means. People can use digital channels like social media, email marketing, programmatic audio, programmatic display ads, and Google display, then use offline channels such as radio, billboards, television, direct mail, and print.
  • Desire/Interest (MOF): This stage tries to narrow the list by targeting a specific audience. You could base it on location, gender, special interest, or other factors. You can use targeted email marketing, event targeting, and programmatic display ads. For offline media, print and direct mail are available.
  • Consideration (BOF): This stage converts prospects to paying customers. You can use Google Adwords, email marketing, geofencing, and retargeting. Note:  retargeting isn’t the same as remarketing.
  • Purchase Loyalty: These people are the bedrock of any business. They patronize the business and generate revenue through referrals or repeated patronage.

Omnichannel Marketing vs. Multichannel Marketing: What’s the Distinction?

While the former focuses on the prospects, the latter employs two or more channels to focus on the product or service.

Every medium has its agenda and uses a unique technique in multichannel marketing. It lacks consolidation by behaving independently of other platforms. But omnichannel marketing offers consistent and smooth interactions for all clients, regardless of whichever medium the client utilizes.

How to Create the Perfect Funnel

When devising your strategy, what should you consider?

  • Who Is the Customer?

As simple as this may sound, businesses need help identifying their target customers. You can’t tailor your approach to suit their needs if you don’t know the target audience.

After identifying the intended market, the next natural step is knowing everything about them. You must figure out what channels your intended audience uses the most, what triggers them to purchase things, their preferred purchase device, the type of offers they frequently take up, and what challenges hinder smooth client experiences.

Why are these steps vital?

Any omnichannel marketing strategy aims to spread its efforts on numerous media. However, brands should concentrate more on media that yield more results.

Seek out creative and innovative solutions to the problems customers face via that channel. Evaluate what your prospects may need at every stage and personalize their encounter. Use the right marketing automation software to make your work easier.

  • Infuse Offers at Strategic Points

Understanding your customer entails knowing that most of them would likely act specifically. You can characterize every funnel stage by some specific action when devising your plan. Therefore, you should build offers that align with these actions.

For instance, did they view your shopping catalog and spend more time reviewing some items even though they didn’t buy them? Send them a personalized email showcasing those items again. Do these people live close to the physical store? Offer special discounts for in-store purchases.

You shouldn’t worry about targeting prospects at every point alone. Automation helps you to meet several people at appropriate times, especially if email is the most effective medium you use.

Sending personalized emails can increase your open rates by over 50%. This tactic helps generate high-quality leads, which can convert to loyal, paying customers. Also, landing page customization is effective because it helps to increase conversions, especially if your main channel is your website.

  • Utilize Data

Devising an omnichannel strategy without data is like driving a car blindfolded. You will hit several bumps and crash into other vehicles, but you can’t control them because you don’t know where the problem is coming from.

Use data to figure out what people are talking about. Monitor appropriate metrics to determine the best tactics, especially in e-commerce. You must also segment your audience to accurately analyze the data you’re receiving. This segmentation checklist could base on location, gender, age, demographics, or special interests.

When you do this, you can utilize the data received to effectively target different prospect segments because the technique that may work for a millennial may not necessarily work for a Gen Z.

What does omnichannel data include?

It includes customer behaviors, experiences, attitudes, and sales preferences based on peculiar characteristics. This combined information can provide a holistic view of your clients’ historical activity and current preferences to predict future needs accurately.

  • Reward Loyalty

The lifeblood of any business or brand is the loyal customer. According to recent research, over 73% of customers rely on loyal customers rather than exploring new territories, and enterprises gain 40% of their revenue from loyal customers.

Clients who have purchased at least four products or used your service four times without hitches will most likely become loyal customers for life.

You can only reward loyal customers effortlessly when providing a smooth buying experience. Design loyalty programs that spur clients’ interest in your offers. Test your loyalty program several times to ensure that it works seamlessly.

Several loyalty programs exist, but the point-based loyalty program is effective, giving people loyalty points for consistent actions like subscriptions, referrals, and repeated purchases.

You can also create tiered loyalty programs that reward customers based on their spending.

Don’t forget to retarget purchasers. Such a tactic helps people to keep you top-of-mind when they’re ready to buy something. For instance, did they abandon items? You can send them a customized email reminding them of the product and even offer a discount.

Provide Helpful Information

One grave mistake many newbie brands make is that, in a bid to make their first sales, they put their businesses in people’s faces.

While it’s essential to generate demand for your offers and put yourself out there, it could be a turn-off to prospective clients. Nobody likes to be bombarded or see several ads, emails, or texts informing them about an offer.

Instead of focusing on advertisements, provide genuine guidance and insights. People are more likely to become loyal when they have gained valuable information from your content and free services. Overselling can discourage people.

For instance, instead of advertising marketing services, you can create free material about the best automation software or SEO devices enterprises can use to boost their income. If people ask questions, answer willingly. Make certain that various teams, especially the designated ones within the enterprise, collaborate to enhance the client’s journey.

Let FrescoData Provide Excellent Solutions for Your Enterprise

Your enterprise hangs thinly if it doesn’t utilize strong omnichannel techniques because people no longer follow a linear path to purchasing goods and services. Today they’re buying from mobile apps and websites; tomorrow, they’re buying from influencers.

The good news is that you don’t have to create the omnichannel marketing funnel alone. FrescoData is an excellent data-driven agency that provides effective solutions to clients.

We help enterprises establish a unified brand voice and broaden their client base across all channels while ensuring that the entire process is automated from start to finish to enable you to focus on other essential components of your enterprise.

Contact FrescoData today.

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