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Tag: Big Data

Big Data to Improve your Metrics in Modern B2B Marketing

Sales and modern B2B marketing groups rely on various methods to maintain client interest throughout the process of buying. Instead of the classic funnel of sales, the journey of customers
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Smart Use of Big Data To Boost Email Marketing Campaign

Over the time, marketers have witnessed a number of channels utilized to access clients, for instance, CRM, mobile, email, and social media grow. These channels are known to collect data.
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5 Marketing Strategies to Apply In Big Data Business

The traditional way of marketing emphasizes on tracking customers’ behavior. Additionally, it also tracks the returns gained in direct mail campaigns, digital clicking-behavior as well as the time spent on
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Data Governance is Advancing Successful Roadmap for Big Data Firms

Big Data governance plays a vital role in firms for gaining success. Big Data technology is gradually growing day-by-day with ever challenging trends and technologies. The term “Big Data” we
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Big Data, the Evolutionary Trend in HealthCare Industry

Traditionally, the healthcare industry has clearly trailed behind other industries when it comes to big data; however, the scenario is changing on an optimistic note. While the U.S. is debatably
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Pinterest: The Most Powerful Big Data Team

  With more than thirty billion pins on the system, it is no surprise that Pinterest proves to be the most powerful big data team on the internet. Even though
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Big Data Can Be Creative Too

The only way a marketer can succeed is by getting to know more about their customers. To gather the necessary information, marketers make use of several different mediums, including questionnaires
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Humanizing Big Data

Many businesses have a wrong interpretation of big data. The data and information being collected from connected devices hold a lot of potential. Keeping this in mind, technology platforms emphasize
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