Big Data to Improve your Metrics in Modern B2B Marketing

Sales and modern B2B marketing groups rely on various methods to maintain client interest throughout the process of buying. Instead of the classic funnel of sales, the journey of customers is now considered as the course of sales outreach, transaction, and marketing and education.

The use of Big Data in email marketing campaigns is at the peak nowadays. Also, it doesn’t seem to arrive at a halt anytime soon as the technology is growing bigger and better with every passing day. Marketers, nowadays, have started utilizing Big Data in B2B marketing to generate maximum lead and score in the market.

Marketing automation is an engine, which offers marketers to seek all touchpoints that appear during clients’ purchase path. And when we talk about Big Data, it’s the fuel, which offers marketers this knowledge to measure intent.

Big Data To Improve B2B Marketing

Big Data Tips

Two strongest techniques for integrating Big Data with modern B2B marketing are predictive analytics and lead scoring. The predictive analysis incorporates algorithms, and unstructured and structured data along with other information to determine behavioral intent.

Lead Scoring

It includes analyzing data related to prospective clients in order to identify whether the lookout is valid. Also, it deals with offering ranks to the prospect depending on their value perceived. The best thing that sets lead scoring apart from the data tools is that it includes human oversight’s element. After gathering and processing the data, it gets a man-made rank.

Predictive Analytics

It offers scientifically and mathematically derived equations, which forecast the reaction of your prospects towards marketing efforts. It also enables B2B enterprises to serve prospects at every crucial point.

Most companies are required to prove an outstanding ROI with their respective marketing efforts. Big Data allows B2B companies to do so by gathering data based on client actions along with those actions, which they preferred not to take.


Companies that incorporate predictive analysis and lead scoring in their strategies witness superior results. These techniques bring two times more success to marketing campaigns as compared to mass marketing campaigns. Modern B2B marketers are using Big Data to offer multiple contacts on the way in order to serve, inform, and convert targeted prospects into clients.

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