Smart Use of Big Data To Boost Email Marketing Campaign

Big Data To Boost Email Marketing

Over the time, marketers have witnessed a number of channels utilized to access clients, for instance, CRM, mobile, email, and social media grow. These channels are known to collect data. After collecting this data, the main challenge that arises for email marketers is fetching the data collected by various channels. This is done while approaching a particular segment of clients or a specific client and at the same time converting sales more effectively and establishing client loyalty.

So, how to make smart use of big data to thrive in your next email marketing campaign? It’s simple.

#Incorporate the CRM data

Today, organizations have numerous tools resting at their disposal in order to incorporate CRM data with client behavior from preference and website data via emails. Usually, not many marketers incorporate insights from the information with a social graph of consumers or leverage data sources of third-party. A briefly informed scenario occurs when marketers integrate call-center data of the client, point-of-sale data, and other data to craft a holistic and more comprehensive data set.

#Align to a client segment

Hearing about marketing managers organized around client segments rather than particular channels like social and email marketing is nothing new. Obviously, domain experts are always going to be there. This is needed especially when it comes to the utilization of sophisticated tools for automation similar to those visible across cross-channel marketing solutions and emails. The organizations, as well as analysis, is transforming at a great speed to focus less on a particular channel of data and more at a specific client segment.

#Integrate the collected data

Marketers surely need a technique to integrate data, which was collected previously, with a little or no difficulty at all. This is required to harness Big Data’s power effectively. However, a majority of solutions providers, which includes providers of legacy email service, are incapable of integrating cross-channel data as they need marketers to load data onto marketer’s platforms. This can take a few days or weeks.

What marketers actually need is a model, which regulates the technology to required data and not the other way round. Start analyzing the data. Use tactics such as predictive analytics and statistical modeling.

Traditionally, a marketer is required to employ data scientists in order to find clusters and trends of significance, but recent advancements in the software for Big Data analytics have presented marketers with automated services and products that are cost-effective.

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