Humanizing Big Data

Many businesses have a wrong interpretation of big data. The data and information being collected from connected devices hold a lot of potential. Keeping this in mind, technology platforms emphasize on variety, velocity and volume but it fails to focus on anything of value. The only way you can get value from such data is by adding contextual information and place analytical capability for those who actually need it. In other words, Big Data needs to be humanized to provide real insight on how the information can be used to drive decisions. If you want to learn more about humanizing big data, read on.

Big Data

Design Principles

When it comes to humanizing big data, you will have to consider several key design principles when you want to create solutions that deliver real insight at the same time. They are as follows:

Integrate Data from All Sources

Data from all sources including social media, systems of record and sensor data needs to be integrated for a better understanding so it can be used to create analytic reusable workflows.

Find Patterns

The outcome can only be predicted by detecting patterns. Rather than looking for a perfect report, you will have to search through unstructured data with important context which will then be fused with the already available qualitative structured data.

Make Insight Available

When insights are widely available, only then they can be used effectively. Just like a store manager knows his market and target audience, it is only because he sees it every day. Such an individual should make informed and effective decisions with the help of powerful analytical tools which were previously centralized.

Analyzing Information for Data Expansion

You have to be able to create data object and share it with a range of decision makers. They will then be able to adapt and build on it. Every time the data expands, it also gains focus at the same time.

With the right tools and big data services, your business can develop tremendous value without having to hire additional personnel. Since you will be able to understand sophisticated concepts, your business will also be able to overlay, assemble and analyze any combination of data into a single picture to solve problems in a short amount of time. FrescoData is one of those companies which specialize in humanizing big data for email marketing firms that are looking to enhance their reach. For a better understanding, you can contact experts for tips and assistance to comprehend complex data for effective results.

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