Malaysia Business Email Marketing Lists

Malaysia Total Contacts: 1,766,252

Contacts by Job Roles

With Emails: 89,620
With Postal & Phones: 644,058

Contacts by Industries

With Emails: 123,388
With Postal & Phones: 909,186

Malaysia has a population of 30.5 million and 46% of those are under the age of 25. Maybe they can loan some young people to Japan! Its GDP in 2014 was a very strong 6% for a world comparison ranking of 39.

All the lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and have been legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Job Roles in our Malaysia email lists:

Job roles malaysia for email campaign

Segmentation of Malaysia contacts by Job Roles:

Job Roles Email Phone & Direct Mail
Engineering 12,312 88,424
Finance 4,850 36,141
HR 3,165 26,026
IT 6,319 43,939
Legal 1,506 8,808
Marketing 4,751 36,873
Media & Communication 2,898 19,696
Operations 13,679 96,944
Product Management 605 5,151
Program & Project Management 3,452 23,745
Purchasing 1,144 7,623
Quality Assurance 2,218 14,733
Real Estate 1,021 9,647
Research 3,128 21,379
Sales/Business Development 14,612 103,748
Senior Management 13,960 101,181
Total 89,620 644,058

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Industries in our Malaysia lists:


malaysia industries segmentation for email campaign

Segmentation of Malaysia contacts by Industries:

Industries Email Phone & Direct Mail
Business Services 9,456 67,574
Automotive 2,883 22,512
Banking + Financial Services 7,326 55,675
Media & Publishing 2,011 16,877
Information Technology 14,877 107,146
Construction 10,045 74,061
Consumer Goods & Services 4,510 34,390
Manufacturing 16,591 123,308
Government 3,624 24,268
Education 3,485 23,254
Healthcare 4,238 29,481
Hospitality & Travel 3,428 27,219
Human Resources 1,592 13,088
Industrial Automation 418 4,516
Insurance 2,187 17,431
Investment Banking & Venture Capital 2,025 14,057
Law Practice + Legal Services 1,936 12,678
Supply Chain & Logistics 2,989 20,365
Marketing & Advertising 3,768 28,968
Mining & Metals 395 3,323
Nonprofit Organization Management 753 4,044
Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities 10,420 79,722
Pharmaceuticals 1,054 6,968
Public Relations & Communications 832 4,616
Real Estate 2,612 20,530
Research 1,572 10,019
Retail 3,354 27,410
Telecommunications + Wireless 4,168 29,698
Warehousing 283 1,342
Wholesale 556 4,646
Total 123,388 909,186

Data Compliance in Malaysia

Malaysia does not have any comprehensive data protection law in force. In the absence of an overarching protection of personal information, obligations of secrecy have been imposed by the form of statutes or industry codes in specific circumstances. Data users are generally required to obtain the consent of data subjects for the use of their personal data but complaints for violation are not usually pursued.

Our Malaysian business email marketing list comprises of individuals who work in various industries such as construction, energy, engineering services, financial services, food and drink, health care, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, technology and hospitality. The executives in our email lists are spread across different job roles such as senior management, finance, information, technology, operations, purchasing, administration and human resources, as well as sales and marketing and supply chain.

Our Malaysia email list and mailing list have the following features:

  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. The senior management business executives contained within the mailing and email lists are proven responders to a variety of marketing campaigns or can be used for data appending and enrichment needs.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Our entire Malaysia business email list file of top business executives is guaranteed to be accurate and has been verified by our internal data analysis team.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Our Malaysian mailing lists are updated semi-annually conforming to all requirements set by the Direct Marketing Association and comply with CAN-SPAM.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. The email list of executives by FrescoData is offered at a minimum order value of $2,000; however there are several levels of volume discounts.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Our email list is divided into three categories: regions, industries and job functions
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. All of our Malaysia marketing and research lists are available for one-time rental at a lower price or can be licensed for multiple use or multiple year usage