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DMG Events is a dynamic and innovative global events company that takes pride in delivering exceptional experiences and fostering connections across various industries, such as global energy, construction, coatings, hospitality, and interior design industries. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for bringing people together, DMG Events has established itself as a leading force in event management. From trade shows and conferences to exhibitions and virtual experiences, the company excels in creating platforms that facilitate networking, knowledge-sharing, and business growth.


DMG Events was trying to attract more attendees and exhibitors to their annual Hotel Show Dubai event 2014. They wanted to attract members from seven countries across the Middle East and Asia and needed to attract specific members of the hospitality industry based on job titles.


DMG Events approached us with a specific campaign vision, outlining key parameters such as location, job titles, and industries. Their target audience spanned regions including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, and the United Arab Emirates. They aimed to connect with individuals employed in 3, 4, and 5-star hotels, encompassing diverse roles such as CEO, CFO, proprietor, chef, IT director, architect, and investor.

Although certain data was readily accessible, obtaining comprehensive information required more intricate data acquisition methods; leveraging our extensive global partner locations, we sourced response-based data from the specified countries. Our outreach efforts included engaging subscribers to hospitality-related magazines, newsletters, survey participants, and annual reports, among other channels.

While DMG sought optimal success ratios from conventional compiled databases, our approach yielded impressive results, achieving substantial opening rates (22%+ overall send) and click-through rates (7%+ overall send) in their email campaigns. This success highlighted the effectiveness of our targeted data acquisition techniques in reaching and resonating with the desired audience.


The email blast campaign was a huge success. FrescoData’s email campaign improved attendance at the Hotel Show Dubai by 42%, and DMG Events was so pleased with the results that they have continued working with FrescoData for subsequent events.


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