How a Global Events & Conferences Services leader spiked their event attendance using response data.


DMG Events Middle East, Asia, & Africa has operated in the Middle East since 1995. They produce more than 40 market-leading exhibitions for the global energy, construction, coatings, hospitality, and interior design industries.


DMG Events ME is responsible for producing over 40 global exhibitions. They continually strive to grow their attendee and exhibition base for each event, but face challenges getting information and invitations to the appropriate demographic.

Specifically, DMG Events ME was trying to attract more attendees and exhibitors to their annual Hotel Show Dubai event in 2014. They wanted to attract members from seven countries across the Middle East and Asia, and needed to attract specific members of the hospitality industry based on job titles. DMG Events ME struggled to find a company that could help them access their targeted demographic across so many countries.


DMG Events ME discovered FrescoData online and initiated contact to see if FrescoData could help with their problem. They defined the scope of the campaign they wanted based on location, job title, and industry. They wanted to reach people in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, and the United Arab Emirates. They were looking for employees of 3, 4, and 5 star hotels with a wide range of over twenty job titles including, but not limited to: CEO, CFO, proprietor, chef, IT director, architect, and investor. While some of this information was readily available, other parts required more intense data acquisition techniques.

FrescoData was able to use the requirements DMG wanted to create a list for an extensive marketing campaign. FrescoData has an extensive network of global partner locations to source response-based data from the desired countries. They reached out to these specific contacts to find subscribers to hospitality-related magazines, newsletters, survey responders, annual reports, and so on. DMG was not getting the success ratio they needed from standard compiled databases, but FrescoData found the right response sources to get a tremendous rates on opening (22%+ overall send) and click through (7%+ overall send) with their email campaigns.


The e-mail blast campaign was a huge success. FrescoData’s e-mail campaign improved attendance to the Hotel Show Dubai by 42%, and DMG Events was so pleased with the results that they have continued working with FrescoData for subsequent event.