A Comprehensive Email Marketing Checklist

Your brand and email marketing efforts are like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Solo, they’re great but combine the two of them and their power is multiplied. You can get the same kind of synergy with email marketing that combines the best of brand marketing strategy and blogging. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your email marketing efforts serve your audiences’ interest as well as your marketing objectives. But, what if the fear of creating something great leaves you nervous to the extent that you slip-up or fail to quality-check the emails?

Comprehensive Email Marketing Checklist

Below is an email marketing checklist by FrescoData to help you with quality assurance before you hit the ‘send’ button.

Email Marketing Checklists


Is the email short and sweet OR too long and monotonous?

Have you used insights from earlier campaigns to improve the email?

Does the email message address customer pain points?

Does the email message explain how your product can address those issues?

Is the email narrative organized and interesting?

Does the tone of your email message share the same frequency as the tone of the asset/event being discussed in the email?

Are the punctuation and bullet points consistent?

Have you completed a thorough spelling and grammar check on all text and content?

Is the information provided in the email message accurate?

Have you provided a way for subscribers to contact you?


Is the campaign being sent to the target audience?

Are the email address lists that you have purchased, fresh, accurate, and opt-in?

Have you thoroughly segmented the list to send out relevant email blasts?

Are all the names of your recipients from your executive mailing lists properly capitalized before you uploaded on the email message program?

Did you do a render test? Does the dynamic content correctly appear across different devices/server types?


Have you written a custom description for all the important images?

Do the images support the text of the email body?

Is the email in tone with your brand identity visualization?


Is the marketing logo properly linked?

Are the text and HTML versions of your email checked and optimized?

Is the email header in all caps?

Are all the links (including unsubscribe) clearly identifiable and functional?

Do the links (including linked images) when clicked, lead to the right pages?

Are the disclaimers, privacy and copyright policy accounted for?

Is a link to view the email on a web browser included?

Does the email body contain social sharing buttons?


Is your email campaigns’ scheduled time in the correct time zone?

Is the email being sent at the time when it’s most likely achieve high open-conversion rates?

Did you carry out split tests a week before deciding on the ultimate email body?

Have you left, at least, 24-hours between completion and schedule time to leave enough room for last-minute changes?

Do you use this email marketing checklist every time before sending an email campaign?

As email marketers, our email marketing checklist is more comprehensive and effective. Visit FrescoData Blog for more such actionable tips, tricks, how-tos, and marketing industry news.

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