Given the amount of email marketing tips being thrown all around us, it’s difficult to focus on all the specific details and still manage to produce tangible results. Miss a detail or two, and the campaign turns into a never-ending, nail-biting ordeal. That’s why we’ve created a mini check-list of external factors that can impact your email campaign success.

Email Campaign Success

Factors for Email Campaign Success

Let’s start with the first.

Fraudulent Emails

You must first establish your credibility as a seller. Hire someone who is an expert in the field of email marketing to create valued content that your readers would click and share. Remember, killer content will always outweigh negative opinion.

Fraudulent emails can also impact legitimate senders. With the increase in email fraud attack and data breaches, potential subscribers are going to be suspicious of you. You will also find that new customers are highly unlikely to subscribe to your email program, and that is because they don’t trust in your brand. If your email doesn’t appear genuine, chances are they may simply mark it as spam. So, the next time you send an email, your brand will simply get filtered until you are blocked by the ISPs.

Trust will also impact the extent to which your email message is clicked, shared and forwarded.

The Economy

Your email campaign success largely depends on the economy. In an Email Benchmark Report, Experian noted that there is a strong correlation between email open rates and average earnings. Moreover, people are more inclined to spend less on days further from payday.

You can chose to benefit from greater email engagement by sending it out towards the end of the month. Your ultimate goal is to improve your marketing efforts and earn the actual dollar values in terms of engagement and sales.

Subscribers’ Sentiment

People who have had a bad experience with a brand are more likely to complain about email marketing. The less direct your interaction is, the more likely they are to complain about its email marketing messages. This will surely leave enough room for your competitor to squeeze in whatever little gap is between you and your customer and capitalize on the opportunity.

Don’t throw away email marketing’s potential with humdrum content that leaves your audience insipid. Take bold chances, interact with them on every level, every channel. Color your communication with inspiration messages.

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