How to Build a Successful Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

targeted email marketing

Do people barely read your emails? Then you should develop a targeted email marketing campaign. 

Unlike what is often believed, this tactic isn’t for only big enterprises or establishments. Every enterprise seeking innovative ways to boost income and broaden its client base must utilize this tactic, regardless of size. 

Income obtained from this tactic is expected to reach $11 billion by 2023, indicating that it is highly efficacious because it gets clients with the right insights at appropriate times. 

Do you require assistance to do this? Don’t worry. We’ll examine the meaning and benefits of this tactic and how to develop the perfect campaign for your establishment.

What Does It Mean?

This tactic utilizes data-driven technologies to send targeted emails to a particular audience to raise awareness, broaden the client base, boost sales, and enhance income. 

A study has shown that people dispatch and receive over 306 billion emails daily. However, inboxes sometimes become crowded. People can get unwanted email messages and either send them to the spam folder or delete them. 

Rather than dispatching random emails to people, this tactic enables you to identify those interested in their deals and packages and then send customized messages to reach them wherever they are in the pipeline. 

Through segmentation, you can classify individuals into various categories and send them pertinent information that addresses their needs. Classify these recipients on gender, interests, location, age, and others. This tactic enables enterprises and establishments to have more paying clients and boost sales. Plus, it produces leads faster than others. 

Why Should This Tactic Be Your Go-To?

This tactic is vital because it concentrates on groups with the same features. Some benefits of this tactic you shouldn’t miss include: 

1. High Response Rate

This study showcases that customized emails have six times more transactions than generic ones. Customizing emails for your intended market, from the message, style, and images used to the send time makes them more likely to read and respond positively. Boosted open rates lead to greater conversions. 

2. Enhances Revenue

This tactic is powerful because it boosts income and expand the client base. Clients that receive offers via email spend 138% more on purchases than the ones that don’t. Plus, this tactic has over 28% ROI, which is 4x that of direct mail marketing. 

The beauty of this tactic is that it’s super easy to boost income without spending excessively compared to its counterparts. 

3. Enhance Client Retention

This tactic is a seamless way to build your client base and retain the current ones because it’s super efficient, particularly for small-scale enterprises. By sending targeted emails to the intended market that offers information to solve their needs, you set yourself as an authority in the industry. 

4. Sends Appropriate Messages

This tactic enables people to send appropriate messages and meet their desired needs to the right people. Building a list is just the first stage. Individuals on that list could have varying priorities and interests and be from varying demographics. If you send the same email to everyone and do not get the optimal conversion you desire. 

This tactic utilizes segmentation to enable you directly deal with clients when its required. For example, if the client invests so much time looking through your online perfume collection, the campaign could either provide a deal discount or brief the client when the store stocks another perfume. 

5. Establishes and Deepens Client Relationships

This tactic strengthens client relationships because it’s heavily customized and up close. 

Individuals want enterprises that help them solve their needs and achieve their goals, and enterprises that have mastered this tactic have maintained their relationships and identities for a long time. 

Customers establish trust faster when the brand exhibits expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. Now that you know the benefits, how does one incorporate it into their enterprise? 

How to Develop a Perfect Campaign

This tactic is efficacious but more complex than it sounds. Do this to target your intended market appropriately: 

1. Define Your Market

Defining your market is the first and most critical stage when developing targeted campaigns. When you know exactly who you’re targeting, it’s easy to curate messages that meet them at the point of their needs and recommend customized deals and packages. Your campaign will be a disaster if you miss this. 

How can an enterprise define its market? Obtain as much information from them as possible. You can obtain this via signups when you have a list. Another method to obtain this is to scan through customer accounts. 

If you can’t do this, think of the people your offer or deal is designed for and fill in the gap from their prospective location, general interest, income, age, location, income etc. 

2. Collect as much Data as Possible

While using fundamental data to make a simple targeted email campaign is feasible, you might not obtain the desired outcomes when your enterprise grows. 

Based on your overall objectives, you need more than basic information to target the appropriate audience. Obtain additional user data to help trim your intended market. The more complex the data is, the more targeted the campaign will be.

How can one do this?

If you haven’t curated a list, start with user accounts. Before you do this, look at the site’s terms and conditions to ensure you don’t break any laws or regulations. Then, look at the most recent purchases, and determine where they spend the most time and their frequency. 

This is vital because it enables you to adjust your strategy. If it requires more data, search for data somewhere else. Social media is a fantastic place to begin. 

3. Segment the List

Now that you’ve defined your intended market, you must classify them. The most successful campaigns have sophisticated segmentation methods to help them achieve the desired outcome. 

You need complex data to reach your intended market, or you’ll keep chasing shadows. When you have collected info like name, location, gender, signup reasons, purchase pattern or history, spending habits, and product preferences, segment these lists based on varying categories. 

Note: it’s not a one-time procedure. Constantly adjust your process to suit whatever stage you’re in.

Prospects are often grouped at the initial segmentation stage when they sign up for a site. Because the people signing up to learn more about your enterprise may differ from those signing up to purchase goods from the shop, place subscription forms in strategic locations on the site.

4. Choose An Appropriate Email Marketing Tool

They often say, “you’re only as good as your tools”. This tactic can be difficult if you’re not utilizing an appropriate tool. Aside from defining your intended market, a vital decision is choosing an appropriate email tool, software, or service. These factors often largely influence the success of any campaign. 

Select a tool that helps you reach your objectives, depending on the size of your campaign. You may input the data and pay for the service either per use or monthly. You can also track metrics and develop a workflow via automation software. 

Rather than worry yourself about this tactic’s intricacies, why don’t you hire a professional data-driven agency like FrescoData to give you excellent targeting outcomes? 

5. Data Integration

Targeted campaigns function on data. You must insert appropriate data into the software to get the desired outcomes. Your campaign will end disastrously if you send emails to individuals based on inaccurate data. It’s a garbage-in, garbage-out system. 

What can you do?

Ensure you always integrate client data with software to have accurate data. Note that data changes, so it has to constantly change on the software automatically if there are any changes on the client’s end. 

Compared to other industries, e-commerce makes it relatively simpler to obtain sophisticated data such as historical and current purchasing patterns.

Others can be gathered through web forms and signups, and you can even use client relationship tools to get information about prior behaviours. 

6. Curate Customized Content

You shouldn’t curate similar content for varying email campaigns. If you’ve grouped contacts in segmented lists, they need unique content that addresses their needs. For instance, some lists are segmented on purchase history or location. 

Therefore, you have to create customized or specific content. It starts with the subject line, as research has shown that personalized subject lines boost email’s open rates by 26%. Everyone wants to feel heard and recognized, not lumped together as part of a statistic. Personalize your email, and you’ll see a huge boost n sales.

Send emails at the appropriate time based on your intended market as well.

7. A/B Testing

Accurately predicting the outcomes of a marketing strategy is impossible. Even if you follow every piece of advice in this article, you will periodically need to adjust your plan. Testing and analysis are the only way to optimize your email marketing plan.

There are eight vital metrics you should fixate on: open rate, bounce rate, clickthrough rate, unsubscribe rate, total ROI, list growth rate, email sharing, and conversion rate.

You can assess the success of such a campaign using these measures. Take a hard look at these numbers to see where you are lacking.

When you compare two campaigns using A/B testing, you can evaluate which one performs better based on these data and analytics.

Let FrescoData Be Your Guide

Utilizing this tactic is more challenging than it appears. It needs consistent efforts to achieve the desired outcomes, depending on your objectives or goals’ significance. 

Rather than worry about analytics and metrics, why don’t you hire a reputable data-driven agency like FrescoData to ease the burden? 

Our broad database will help you build a segmented list and send appropriate emails to the intended market via excellent automation and analytical devices. 

We are superior to our rivals because we assist our customers in growing their clientele by concentrating on demographics they had never considered. Contact FrescoData right away and watch your income skyrocket.

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