Contact Leads Database Marketing and How It Can Help Grow Your Business

Contact Leads Database Marketing


Is your sales team wasting time on outdated leads? Do your marketing team’s email messages land in customer junk folders? It sounds like your contact leads database could use an update! Using database marketing, your sales and marketing teams will see positive results from their outreach efforts.

What is Database Marketing?

Database marketing is a direct marketing technique that utilizes a wide variety of collected data from customers to create segmented lists. A contact leads database is generated from a consumer database of either existing customers or potential prospects. Your generated database can also be segmented into your email marketing database, direct mail database and/or B2B leads database.

Companies with an extensive contact leads database can reap all the benefits of database marketing. These companies either buy opt-in leads and form part of their sales lead database or the leads are part of their corporate contact database. For this reason, large corporations prefer database marketing as it allows them to segment and target large groups of their business contact database into manageable and effective direct marketing campaigns.

Even without a built-in contact leads database, your small to medium enterprise can still reap the benefits of database marketing. To maximize such benefits, you will need to acquire or build your database. Building the best B2B contact database isn’t as easy as selecting people you want to reach out to and adding them to your B2B leads database. It is time-consuming and can fail your business if you don’t use the proper data validation techniques to screen prospects or have an incomplete buyer persona.

Buying a consumer or B2B leads database is a viable alternative option. However, you or your marketing team must know where to find qualified providers of marketing database services who can direct you into maximizing the benefits of database marketing.

How Database Marketing Boosts Other Digital Marketing Strategies?

We are in an age where data drives all marketing efforts, and database marketing can be the foundation of many digital marketing strategies. Though database marketing was first developed for direct mail marketing, its use is now prevalent in email marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and programmatic digital marketing.

Personalized Marketing

Your contact leads database must be highly segmented almost to the granular level for your database marketing efforts to reach the right prospects. This segmentation allows you to create a more personalized experience that over 75% of consumers prefer.  In personalized marketing, the content must be relevant to the buyer’s needs at every customer journey stage. Using personalized marketing in your email marketing campaign has been known to improve engagement by 20% and the likelihood of a sale by 80%. One of the main drawbacks of personalized marketing is inaccurate data from invalidated sources. Thus without a reputable marketing database services provider that performs data validation services to enrich your B2B leads database, you risk spamming random customers with irrelevant content.

Permission-Driven Marketing

Personalization that caters to content relevance is half the battle in database marketing. Permission-driven marketing is the other half. Customers want to see your email in their inbox, and being GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant keeps you out of spam folders. Permission-driven marketing requires the customer to opt-in to receive marketing material from your company. The best way to do so is to provide double opt-in options as part of your email marketing or email re-engagement strategy. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and loyalty promotions are another way to gain consumers’ expressed or implied permission. Customers are wary of identity theft, viruses and having their personal information end up in the hands of a cybercriminal. And it led to the dissolution of third-party cookies and increased the need for permission-driven marketing.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is another way to reap the benefits of database marketing. Segmentation is a crucial part of database marketing. One B2B leads database can be broken down into a corporate contact database, and a customer leads list can be further segmented into a non-sales and sales leads database. Using omnichannel marketing techniques, you can create digital marketing campaigns personalized for each group and reach them on any platform or device. Integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and your entire omnichannel marketing campaign can reduce customer churn by smoothing your customer onboarding, distribution and sales processes.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data verification and validation are the cornerstones of data-driven marketing and database marketing. Data-driven marketing needs accurate, relevant and clean data from qualified providers who can deliver top-tier quality B2B leads databases or customer leads lists. Without data verification and validation and data enhancement services, buying business data, even if it is from a US email database, won’t give you the results you need. You need data enhancement and validation services whether or not you wish to maintain your extensive corporate contact database or when you are buying business leads. Poor quality data is detrimental to any data-driven marketing technique and your business. Protect your B2B leads database from corrupted data by requesting data enhancement and data validation services from FrescoData.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

There are over 5.1 billion internet users globally, and just because they are online, it doesn’t mean they want to see your product. And not every internet user who wants your product uses a personal computer. Nor will you reach all your targeted buyers due to budget constraints. Your digital marketing efforts will need some finessing for you to get the most of SEM campaigns, programmatic display ads and social media ads. By having specific customer databases for each campaign and platform and using geofencing mobile marketing, you can create targeted programmatic display ads for mobile marketing, interactive social media campaigns, or SMS campaigns for employee engagement.

Where to Find The Best B2B Contact Database?

Before you start your search for the best B2B contact database, make sure you know what type of customers you want in your B2B contact database, whether or not you need a database or a list and who will own the directory. These factors will influence the size, cost and impact of your B2B lead database.

The Difference Between a Leads List, Database and Directory

Whether B2C or B2B, a leads list is a specific list of customers based on particular buyer behavior or characteristics. It usually contains basic contact information and demographics such as name, address, and email.

A database is based on several leads lists and has more behavioral data and in-depth demographic data such as age, income and shopping preferences.

Directories or structure listings are like storage systems for databases and make retrieval of data easier, as it is stored in a more machine-readable format than in the database. Database modeling uses analytics to predict consumer behavior of a specific database.

Selecting Qualified Providers of B2B Contact Database

Inaccurate data can negatively impact your business. Choosing qualified marketing database services is the ONLY option in a database marketing strategy unless you are a large corporation with in-house marketing and analytics teams. Even then, data verification and validation are not always guaranteed. In large corporations, massive volumes of consumer data are received, but only when payment is not, the need for data verification and validation is noticed. By then, goods could have been bought with stolen identities and hacked accounts, creating corrupted consumer databases.

As a small or medium business owner, missed payments hurt your bottom line harder, and it is not as easy to write off fake customers and accounts. Your sales lead database must be filled with genuine buyers who have previously opted-in to your list. Your business cannot afford to risk financial ruin by choosing not to include data modeling and data enhancement services as one of your marketing database services requirements.

When choosing qualified B2B leads database providers, be sure to:-

  • Have a campaign goal
  • Have business goals
  • Have an idea of who is your ideal client
  • Specify B2B, not B2C
  • Have an idea of where your customers are

All of this information helps FrescoData choose the right marketing strategy and best B2B contact database to suit your needs. Database providers who do not ask questions or don’t care about your database marketing strategy should be avoided at all costs! They will hand you a ‘top tier’ list or random emails from their database by volume and not care about the names on the list or your business once the money is done exchanging accounts.

Another red flag you should look out for is the lack of after-sales service or any ‘glossy’ refund policy. In this type of refund policy, there is usually a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get a single person to opt-in. Of course, you don’t know getting a single person to opt-in isn’t hard. Converting those leads into buyers or loyal customers is where the real money is! The seller could opt-in through an email he provided to the database for that specific purpose and never have to pay out a single refund.

Other providers can supply unvalidated databases from only a specific country or industry or only customer leads and demographic data. FrescoData does not have these limitations. You can choose from our validated and compliant industry and country databases for both your B2C and B2B lead database needs.

How FrescoData Delivers Trusted Marketing Database Services?

Unlike scammy database providers, FrescoData sources their contact leads database from genuine, trusted sources. We collect various consumer and business data from over 425 data sources in over 175 countries.

Our global licensed data sources include government and business registries, public records and 15 major industries. Plus, we measure over 10,000 behaviors, interests and attributes to build precise audiences for your campaigns.

Our safe storage and collection of data adheres to GDPR policies and CAN-SPAM compliance and is regularly updated using our data validation and data enhancement services. This way, FrescoData can dispense and build the best B2B contact database and develop digital marketing strategies that reach your ideal buyers wherever they are.

Putting Database Marketing into Action

Aside from the various marketing strategies that can use database marketing as part of their marketing plan, marketing and sales teams can make the most of their company’s contact leads database.

  • Through Upselling

You know who has the bank and the desire to buy, so don’t let them leave your cart with only one item.

  • Customer Re-engagement Strategies

Customers don’t ghost you without reason and finding out the reason assists in creating re-engagement strategies to bring your lost customer back into the fold.

  • Personalized Customer Service

With access to behavioral data, you’ll know which customers will need you to guide through the user manual and which customers will only need to know where to find supplemental parts.

  • Perfect Product Pitching

Whether through emails, SMS, direct mail, or cold calling, your marketing team can now choose which product to pitch to which customer database or create a new customer database for a new product line.

  • Targeted Research

Your products, customer surveys and focus groups will yield more comprehensive results and further your data collection and database creation efforts.

These are just a few conventional ways that database marketing can be used. But remember the keyword here – data. And once data is involved, the possibilities are endless. From building customer and business relationships to product design to business forecasting, as long as your data source is reliable, relevant and achieves realistic returns, you can find many ways to use database marketing.

FrescoData’s Complete Marketing Database Services

FrescoData is a data-driven marketing company that provides data enhancement services with the latest data validation techniques and database sources to give you the best B2B contact database. As qualified providers to top Fortune 500 companies, FrescoData can help you redefine your personalized marketing strategy and data-driven marketing techniques to ensure your contact leads database gives you the best returns on your investment.

FrescoData does more than provide you with the best B2B contact database. We’ll work with you to create a personalized email re-engagement strategy, creative programmatic display ads, or even use geofencing mobile marketing to reach prospects. Whatever your digital marketing needs, FrescoData can supply accurate, trusted and relevant data to complete your database marketing dreams. Our expert team will guide you in building your buy opt-in sales lead database and strategize with you on your next ad campaign.

Contact FrescoData today and make the most out of your contact leads database.

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