Discover 3 Tips to Design Images for Your Email Marketing Content


Want to increase the click-through rates in your emails? If
so, think about adding images to your emails. Emails with images receive 42%
higher clicks than emails without images. Images naturally are a part of the well-developed
email marketing
content strategy.


Adding images to your emails will not immediately cause an
increase in clicks. You must follow a well thought out process to create unique
and interesting images for all your email campaigns. By creating unique images,
you will increase the number of website visits you generate from email. Plus,
you will increase conversions for your products and services as well.

Read on to learn some useful tips for designing compelling and unique images for your email campaigns. By following these steps, you should see an increase in clicks and conversions in your emails.

Tips to Design Images for Email Marketing

Understand the Relationship between your Ads and your Landing Pages

Before you create images for your emails, you must take the
time to understand what is happening in the background of your emails. What is
the relationship between your emails—or ad—and your landing pages? To convert
better, your landing pages should match the emails promoting it.

Your landing pages should include the same image and copy
present in your email marketing content. Place this image and text above the
fold for maximum conversions. Doing this will increase the cohesiveness of your
email land your landing page. It will ensure that when a user is directed from
your email to your landing page they land there and feel a sense of
familiarity. This will cause conversion rates to go up since your subscribers
will know for certain that the websites they land on are the exact websites
advertised in your emails.

You should follow this rule whenever you are promoting anything for your company, whether it’s a blog post, landing page, video or something else. If you are unable to make your landing page exactly like the image in your email, consider making the headers of both match. This will add familiarity to your campaigns.

Simplify your Email Design

The key to designing effective email images is to keep the
images simple. Simple images are usually more aesthetically pleasing to look
at. Plus, adding too many colors, unique fonts or using too much text can
overcrowd the image and make it difficult to scan and digest. Email marketing
content is viewed quickly by your audience. Usually a user will decide within a
second or two whether they are going to continue reading an email or delete it.
Making your email images easy to scan will make them more likely to stop and
fully digest the email.

Ensure that you are using the right colors in your email
designs. You want to choose colors for your email campaigns that complement one
another and pair well together. This is a simple way to clean up the aesthetic
of your emails and make it easier for your audience to view and digest.

Also ensure that you use clean and simple fonts for your
emails. You want to make sure that the fonts you choose are readable. It’s easy
to find a plethora of unique and different fonts for free online. They can be
fun to use in a variety of projects, but do not work well in email. If an email
is hard to read, it is more likely to be ignored and deleted by your audience.


Your emails also need breathing room. This is achieved by using negative space in image designs. Negative space adds space around texts and icons within an image. This can give your image breathing room and make it look less crowded, even if it is filled with a ton of useful information for your audience. Leaving space around your text will make the message you want to get across to your audience more visible.

Optimize your Email Marketing Content for Mobile and Desktop

Most people view their emails on their mobile phones these
days. This is especially true among millennials. In fact, over 62% of people
open emails on their mobile devices. This means mobile email marketing needs to
be a part of your email strategy.

It is important to test out the images you create for your
emails for different screen sizes. Phones come in all shapes and sizes these
days, and it is critical that your images are readable in all these formats.
You can do this by sending out test emails and checking how they look on your
laptop and mobile phone to ensure that everything looks good on all these

If your email marketing content looks good on a mobile
device, more of your audience will receive your message and your emails will
generate better results.


To design images for your email campaigns, you should follow
these three tips:

  1. The design of your emails should match the
    design of your landing pages
  2. Your images should be designed using the basic
    design principles we described above
  3. Keep mobile email marketing top of mind and
    design images for a variety of different screen sizes

By following these tips, you can create images that help you
convert your audience into paying customers. Higher converting emails generate
more revenue for your company helping your business grow and succeed in
positive ways.

If you are looking for support to build email images that
stand out, you can always contact the experts at FrescoData for support.


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