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Category: Email Marketing News

The Ins and Outs of Mailing List Rentals

Why should your company consider renting an email mailing list? There are a variety of reasons. Email marketing is one of the most lucrative digital marketing channels, offering higher ROI
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Email Deliverability - Email Marketing

Email Deliverability: A Tool for the Best Email Marketing

It can be really frustrating to send out a well-crafted and thought out email campaign where only 50% of your recipients receive it. In order to perform the best email
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Images for email marketing

Discover 3 Tips to Design Images for Your Email Marketing Content

Want to increase the click-through rates in your emails? If so, think about adding images to your emails. Emails with images receive 42% higher clicks than emails without images. Images
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Why You Should Re-Engage Your Old Mailing List

In email marketing, one of the biggest myths is that a bigger email mailing list will land you better results. In some cases, this is true, but that depends on
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Tips for Reaching Out to Potential Event Sponsors with a B2B Mailing List

Event sponsors are important to your events. They can be the difference between a profitable event or not. Sponsors are important because they signal to both event attendees and your
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Create a More Efficient Business with Better Data

Data hygiene is an important part of the data enrichment services for your business. In this blog post, we will outline ways to make your internal data hygiene process more
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Cliff Notes are Useful, so are Targeted Email Address Lists

December is crunch time for new student enrollment season. Students are submitting their final applications and working to meet enrollment deadlines. Because of this, it is critical to create compelling
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Cold Emails and Three Factors to Consider

Cold emails are tricky. They are much different than cold calls where you can interact with another person and convince them to listen to you. With cold emails, you can
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User Personas Decoded

Rachel is a 35-year-old white suburban housewife. Anton is a 28-year-old black senior marketing manager in Chicago. Michael is a 19-year-old Asian student studying abroad in Europe. Sound familiar? These were
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Is email marketing still relevant in the age of social media?

Social media marketing has skyrocketed in recent years. Businesses are directly connecting with their customers and having meaningful relationships with them. Email, on the other hand, is a tool that
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Email Marketing Stats for 2018

Does email marketing still work? You’re asking the wrong question. On an average people sent 250 billion emails per day. The right question to ask is – what is the
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Email Marketing Strategy Guide 2018

There’s an important difference between strategy and good practice when it comes to emails. If you’ve already read our Email Marketing Best Practices guide for 2018, then you’ll know exactly
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Email design tips for successful email marketing in 2018

How do you – Get your email delivered? Get your email opened? Get your email read? Get your audience to act? The answer is email newsletter design. An email newsletter
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What Do Marketers Think the Future of Email Marketing Looks Like? (Infographic)

What will email marketing look like in five years’ time? Will it be unchanged, broadly the same, significantly changed but still fundamentally email, completely transformed, or non-existent?  
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5 Musts for Increasing Email Open Rates

The average number of emails a person receives on a regular day is 121. That’s not a typo, you read that right. With all this clutter, there is not denying
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