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We have said it before, and we will say it again. Email marketing is one of the best digital channels for increasing ROI. It can be the difference between increasing your profits or remaining stagnant. There is a lot of potential to create the best email marketing program. You just must know how to use it correctly. Your emails can suffer tremendously if their deliverability is low. In this article, we will explore ways to improve email deliverability, so your emails actually make it to your recipient’s inboxes.

If your deliverability score is low, fret not. There are ways to fix it. It takes some time and dedication on your part, but the benefits of creating the best email marketing channel you can are worth it. Improving your email deliverability can be a surefire way to increase the email ROI and profitability of your business. Below are some of the most effective techniques to improve your deliverability scores.

1. Set up your IP for success

The rate you send emails matters. Send too many at once and internet service providers (ISPs) can mark your domain as spam. The key is to prime ISPs to ensure that they think you are valid and trustworthy. To do this, you should start email campaigns with small batches of emails. Send your campaigns to a dedicated group of engaged subscribers to ensure the emails are opened and engaged with. After this has occurred, you can scale up your campaign to go out to more people in your email list. The key is to scale up your email sending slowly to avoid you being negatively targeted by ISPs—and therefore ending up in the spam folder.

2.Send emails from a dedicated subdomain

If you send a lot of emails, it can be beneficial to use a dedicated subdomain for email marketing purposes. Over time users will become familiar with your subdomain and come to trust it. The reason a subdomain can be useful is because ISPs treat subdomain reputations as separate from the main domain. This means if your subdomain—for example,—gets marked as spam, this does not mean your main domain—in this case,—will get marked by spam. This can save your company from disaster since it will still have a channel to send out emails.

3.Gather emails with double opt-in procedures

There are two ways you can gather emails for your email list: opt-in or double opt-in. Many business owners believe opt-in is the best way to gather emails. In this form of opting in, users agree to receive email correspondence from your business by simply checking a box when signing up. While this can generate more sign ups for your email list, this is not the best email list building strategy to follow. Single opt-in can lead to more spam complaints from your recipients which has a negative effect on your deliverability. Plus, this form of opt-in violates GDPR, which can lead to fines for your business if you have any EU consumers on your email list.

The better option is to use double opt-in procedures for email list building. It is similar to regular opt-in, except you send a confirmation email after they have signed up where they validate and fully consent to signing up for your email campaigns. This ensures that you send emails to recipients that actually want to receive your campaigns, which minimizes the chances of getting marked as spam. It also ensures you remain compliant with global spam and consumer privacy laws.

4.Use branding in your sender name

You can minimize spam complaints even further by adding your brand name to the “from” section of your email campaign. This allows your recipients to see upfront who they are interacting with. Are you sending your emails from “Bob Smith”? Your audience may not know who Bob Smith is. If you send an email from “Bob from FrescoData” instead, your audience is likely to know what FrescoData is and deem the email as trustworthy. Not only does this reduce your spam complaints, this technique is known to improve open rates as well and is a part of the best email marketing strategy.

5.Follow a consistent sending schedule

If you irregularly send emails, this can be seen as spammy activity by ISPs. Your emails can be rejected ISPs detect random and erratic activity from your email domain. It is better to follow a consistent email sending schedule, to ensure that you minimize sending spikes. This will help your email domain not get blacklisted by ISPs.

6.Regularly check your sender reputation

Having a low sender score can cause your emails to completely not get delivered. Most ISPs automatically reject emails that are sent from domains below a certain score. You can check your sender score using free tools online—like this one. The score is scaled from 1-100. Your goal should be to maintain a score as close to 100 as possible.


In order to create the best email marketing process, your emails must get delivered. If you’ve noticed your emails are not performing well, your deliverability score may be low. Use these techniques and strategies to increase email ROI. You will notice over time that your deliverability will improve as a result of implementing these techniques. After that, you can work to improve your email marketing in other ways.

If you try these techniques and are still having issues with your deliverability rates, you can always reach out to us at FrescoData. We have a dedicated team of experts that is ready and available to help you with your email marketing campaigns. Together, we can increase the success of your campaigns and improve your deliverability. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.


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