Effective Email Marketing Practices Used By Market Leaders

Undoubtedly, email marketing remains as the most popular method used by brands globally to communicate and offer value to their clients. This is because it offers a solid return on investment.

As the email marketing continues to maintain its popularity, it becomes quite necessary to review a few state of the art email marketing practices employed by market leaders. It’s interesting to keep the whereabouts of others, especially when you need to survive in a market full of ever-growing competition.

Email Marketing Practices

Here are the best email marketing practices used by leading brands.

Strategy Is Everything

Thai Airways:

Thai Airways is a great example of a brand, which had a clear vision of strategy ahead of its email marketing campaign.

With the sole purpose of re-activating the Australian client base of Thai Airways, the company sent an email regarding a contest to earn a free trip to its Australian customers. To enter the free trip contest, participants were required to inform Thai Airways about their availability to travel.

After receiving this data, instead of using this just for the purpose of the free trip contest, the airline company used this data to segment its client base using the preferred dates as informed by clients.

Following this, Thai Airways targeted its Australian clients by sending emails to every segment along with an appealing offer according to each client’s time frame.

Key Steps to Strategy Formation

Segment the clients according to their preference.
Target the clients with an offer suitable to their preference.
Position the fare via personalized email, which highlights the offer and preferred dates of availability.


As a result, the airline company was able to increase its average email opening rates by 40%, which is above the regular standard (16-24%) of Australian industry.

Neat and Clean Email List

Estée Lauder:

Estée Lauder faced a major crisis in Malaysia. The bounce rate of emails sent by the company on average was 14.1% and climbed to 21.6%. The cosmetic giant, at times, was unable to target even one out of five people present on its targeted list.

To improve its deliverability rates, the company implemented the latest software for email and started working on minimizing its email bounce rates.

The software validated the existing list of targeted clients and deployed a scheme for email bounce management that removed those emails, which used to bounce frequently.

Followed by clearance step, it addressed the issue of deliverability. The procedure required working with an email service provider of high quality who managed healthy relationships with leading email providers, ensuring the follow-up of Malaysian anti-spam laws.

At the end, the emails were sent as per the policies and it directly landed itself in the recipients’ inbox and not spam box.

Key Steps to Enhance Delivery Rates

Maintain focus on email deliverability.
Clear your email lists.
Use the best in class software.


Estée Lauder managed to bring its email bounce rate from more than 10% to below 1%.

It’s good to learn and employ the email marketing practices used by business leaders into your own strategies and check whether it’s worth the scratch. Subscribe to FrescoData Blog for more such email marketing tips and tricks. 

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