Using Valid Email Lists for Better Higher Ed Enrollment Marketing

When marketing toward high school students, it is important to keep their needs in mind. Most students will not be compelled to enroll in your university simply based on academic prestige. Instead, they will be more interested in learning about the full experience your university offers, from academics to extracurricular activities. Your university can market to junior and senior high school students more effectively by creating segmented valid email lists that focus on their main areas of interest thus, creating a more holistic marketing campaign that meets each segment’s needs.

Valid Email Lists for Enrollment Marketing

Types of Segmentation

Students are not the same. They have very different goals and aspirations from the college experience. It is important to understand this and use it to your advantage in your marketing strategies. With a high-quality valid email list, you can easily segment your junior and senior high school student emails into segmented lists focused on specific interests. Some ways to segment student interests include:

  • Academics
  • Artistic inclinations
  • Student organizations
  • Honors society and awards
  • Study abroad initiatives
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Athletic programs
  • College life
  • Internship opportunities
  • Job placement programs

All students are different and their choice to enroll will be as well. Therefore, segmenting valid email lists into groups is important. Segmented lists allow you to focus your marketing efforts on one main student interest. This creates a more personalized valid email address campaign. On average, personalized email campaigns perform better than non-personalized ones. For example, segmented emails see 100.95% higher click-through rates than non-segmented emails. This strategy will ultimately lead to more university brand awareness and higher enrollment rates.

Focus on the Whole Experience

When creating segmented email marketing campaigns for potential students, focus on the whole college experience. High school students, regardless of what their interests are, will be curious to see what it will be like to attend your university. Sure, a student’s main interest may be in sports programs. That does not mean they should not receive information about academic opportunities and college life experiences as well.

You must paint a picture in students’ minds. If they have a full understanding of the opportunities available to them at your college, they will be more likely to entertain enrollment. Tailor your experience campaigns to your email list segments. High school athletes and those that express interest in sports scholarships should be targeted will as much information about sports programs as they can get. Tailor your email content and outreach with updates on your teams, various training programs offered, and perhaps schedules for upcoming tryouts. Tell the sports-inclined students about how the university will drive their success. Point out the academic programs related to sports like sports medicine, physical therapy, etc., that will entice them to reach out for more information. The idea is to engage potential students so much with your personalized email campaigns that they will fear missing out if they do not attend your university.

Using Data to Create Segmented Email Lists

You may find that you do not have enough information available on your own to adequately create the valid email list segments. This is where FrescoData comes in. For high school students, FrescoData can provide list rentals that include high school student’s academic and artistic interests, athletic involvement and interests, student organizations, honor societies and awards, ethnicities, gender, GPA/SAT/ACT scores, demographics, geographic information and more. We will then help you take this information, segment it in the most effective way possible, and send out highly targeted emails to valid email address that will boost your marketing metrics and return on investment (ROI). Ultimately, this information will help your university secure more student enrollments.


University enrollment is difficult. Universities are competing with a fixed number of students, all aiming to convince them that their school offers them the best opportunity for higher education. By creating more personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns, your university’s messaging can stand out from the crowd. If your school does not have enough information about its potential students to perform this task, FrescoData is ready and available to use its expertise in the data list industry to assist your university with this task.

Targeted and intelligent email campaigns should be focused on your potential students’ interest and aspirations, as well as presenting a holistic depiction of your school. The goal is to get students to think that the email they received is just for them and that your university is focused on their success and higher education goals.  This strategy will help your university achieve enrollment success.


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Using Valid Email Lists for Better Higher Ed Enrollment Marketing
Using Valid Email Lists for Better Higher Ed Enrollment Marketing


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