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There is no doubt that the hospitality industry is fiercely competitive, especially after the pandemic took its toll on profits. Every hotelier tries to pitch their business as the best there is. You must apply the best hotel email marketing strategies to stand out from the competition and attract your desired audience. 

It’s no news that email marketing has proven to be a powerful strategy that attracts more sales and business revenue, even outpacing social media marketing. This strategy helps you create awareness about your products/services, attract people who are already interested in your offer and increase customer retention. 

If you need help figuring out what to do, don’t worry! This article will explore the meaning, benefits, and strategies of hotel email marketing to give your business the boost it needs. 

What is Hotel Email Marketing?

We all know that email marketing involves sending emails to prospective customers to promote products and services. Therefore, hotel email marketing is a marketing strategy that helps hoteliers promote package deals, offer discounted products, inform customers of events, and so much more. 

The pandemic affected the hospitality industry more than anything else, and hotels struggled to keep business afloat amid a closed economy. This research shows that the pandemic’s effect on hotels was worse than the 9/11 attack

Years later, the effects have still been devastating, with some hotels worse off than others. You need to incorporate the proper email marketing strategy to resuscitate your business. 

Contrary to popular opinion, people love hearing from hoteliers. Everybody wants to get the best travel and vacation deals, so there are always looking out for the best deals lurking in the corner. 

Hotel email marketing is a great way to foster relationships with customers so that you’ll be top-of-mind when they need a place to stay or an information source. They’ll be super excited whenever they get information from your hotel because they can trust it.

The beauty of email marketing is that it’s easily customizable. You can adapt, personalize, and format it to suit your brand’s taste. If you’d like, you can also run different email content and see which gets accepted more. But in summary, email marketing has tremendous power to attract customers and increase your hotel revenue.  

What are the Benefits of Hotel Email Marketing?

Lead Generation

Generating high-quality leads is part of the goals of any marketing strategy. When you generate leads by creating a concrete email list, it’s easy to send relevant messages that solve people’s pressing needs. 

Aside from generating website traffic, you can create leads from email marketing. Emails can promote and accelerate bookings and reservations when they send targeted emails to the right people. Even if they don’t confirm their booking, they have become a lead because of intent. 

Establish a Solid Relationship

A successful email marketing campaign has two objectives: attract new customers and retain existing ones. 

Most hotels focus so much on attracting new customers that they put in less effort to foster the loyalty of existing ones. They often forget that current customers commonly contribute the highest revenue from continuous patronage and referrals.

Email marketing is one of the ways to establish a solid business relationship and foster loyalty. A simple appreciation message can go a long way. You could also ask these customers their likes and dislikes about the hotel services. 

Data and Reports

Hotel email marketing can help you get the necessary data and reports that affect business growth. You can get metrics like open rate conversion rates, revenue impact, unsubscriptions, clickthrough rates, etc. When you monitor these metrics, it’s easier to know what to work on and improve. 

Promotes Products and Discounted Offers

Hotel email marketing is the best way to promote offers and services. Customers are always looking for either budget-friendly or exotic vacation options. The more you constantly bring them value, the more they will open the emails and patronize you.

You can do cross-selling and upselling. Cross-selling involves promoting other services as part of the room reservation package, while upselling involves changing service to higher quality.  

 This marketing strategy also helps you to promote events. 

Increased ROI

There is no doubt that email marketing has an extremely high ROI compared to other marketing strategies. It has a broad reach that cuts across different age groups and industries because most individuals and businesses prefer email correspondence to calls and texts.

The typical return on investment for email marketing for every $1 spent is $42. You just need the correct hotel email marketing software to help you reach your target audience faster 

Proven Hotel Email Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

1. Build an Email List

You must build an email list to create an effective hotel email marketing campaign. A high-quality list should consist of contacts that have already indicated an interest in their hotel services. 

Suppose you don’t have an email list. In that case, you could either take the pain of collecting data from your websites or hire a data-driven digital marketing agency like FrescoData to create a drip campaign that can explore new markets and attract the right customers. This will help you focus on other critical aspects of your business. 

But if you have an email list, you should re-evaluate it if you’re not getting the desired results. Look at the metrics, identify where you’re going wrong, and begin a re-engagement campaign. 

2. Emails Must Be Responsive 

Most people use their phones to check emails. Don’t believe it?

This study shows over 85% of email owners use their phones to check messages. If the age range is between 25 to 24, it’s over 90%. Whatever you send prospective customers must be responsive if you want your email marketing strategy to work. It must be fully customized for mobile use. 

Why is this important?

Your target audience is the customers. Whatever strategy you choose must have them as the focal point, depending on the demographics. But it must be adjusted to suit their preferences. Otherwise, your email campaign will flop. 

3. Share Images

People often find it challenging to remember what you say, but they hardly remember what they see. Therefore, adding pictures to your emails can drastically increase your conversion rates. It’s not enough to tell them that your hotel is the best. Your prospective customers need to see that it’s the best, so you should show them that. 

For instance, if you own a hotel in a lovely part of town close to many tourist attractions, showcase that hotel’s interior and exterior features. You can also take pictures of those tourist attractions so that people can visit your hotel to see those places. However, ensure that it doesn’t slow down your open rate. 

4. Add Videos to Your Emails.

Did you think we would leave out videos? Not a chance. With the sharp rise in Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat usage, not to mention YouTube, video marketing is here to stay. 

According to a 2020 Business Insider Report, over 244.4 million people watched video content, significantly younger and older ages. Also, a Hubspot report revealed that 54% of customers want businesses to make more video content. 

Incorporating videos into your email messages makes it easy for the customer to interact with your content. For instance, adding videos of the hotel spaces or subtly throwing in some gifs makes your content more exciting and relatable. 

5. Build Your Brand

Why should people choose your hotel over other hotels in the city? That is your brand. 

You must identify what makes your hotel unique amongst its competitors if you want to build a sustainable and successful hotel brand because your brand identity is an essential component of your email campaign. 

Other hotels can provide the same thing if you’re relying on your hotel’s room spaces, even better spaces in most cases. You should personalize your email messages to reflect the unique qualities of your hotel, not emulate what your competitors are doing. 

6. Promote Special Offers. 

Everyone loves a good deal. But do you know what’s better than a good deal? A free deal. 

Special offer promotions are one of the surest hotel email marketing strategies. People love free or special deals. They want to see the typical price crossed off and a lower price emphasized. 

Give them discounts on your hotel services or have holiday vacation deals. You will establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers faster than you can ever imagine and even attract new customers because current customers will most certainly refer your business to their friends. 

7. Send Email Newsletters

Sending email newsletters may sound cliche, but it’s one of the most powerful hotel email marketing strategies you can employ. It helps them build trust and establishes you as an authority in your field. 

The beauty of newsletters is that it’s never about your hotel. Newsletters share information, and that’s what you’re going to do. The ultimate goal is to build trust. You can send them information about industry events, special announcements, tourist attractions in the city, choosing the best restaurants, dealing with a travel planner, etc. 

When prospective clients see your newsletter, they should be excited because they know they’ll learn something new. 

8. Personalize Your Emails

Email personalization can tremendously increase your open and conversion rates. Marketers see a 20% increase in sales using personalized emails. Why?

People love to feel seen, heard, and appreciated; sending personalized emails helps you do that. It makes people feel like you’re deeply concerned about them. Segmenting your list and sending targeted emails with their name in the subject line and introduction will make them open it. 

Let FrescoData Handle Your Hotel Email Marketing Strategy

The hotel business is tricky. Several aspects of the business include monetary appropriation, staff supervision, and ensuring security within the vicinity. Attracting visitors to your hotel using the right email marketing software and strategy can distract you from other critical aspects. 

But you don’t have to worry about that. FrescoData is an excellent digital marketing agency that utilizes data to expand its customer base, attract visitors, and boost your revenue in no time. We have an expansive list of prospects’ information, the best omnichannel marketing strategies, and data-driven tools to generate the desired income. 

Contact FrescoData today, and we’ll help you to create the perfect hotel email marketing strategy.

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