8 Proven Hotel Email Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

hotel email marketing

There is no denying how intensely competitive the hotel sector is, particularly after the post-pandemic period. Hoteliers try to brand their enterprises as the best there is. You must utilise efficacious hotel email marketing tactics to stand out and lure your intended market. 

Email marketing has stood the test of time and has proven highly efficacious in boosting sales and income, surpassing its counterpart, social media marketing. The tactic enables enterprises and establishments to raise awareness, captivate the minds of individuals interested in your offer, and boost client loyalty. 

Do you require assistance? Don’t worry. We’ll examine the meaning and advantages of this tactic and how hotel establishments can inculcate them to boost their income. Shall we?

What is Hotel Email Marketing?

One thing is sure: email marketing is all about sending intentional messages to prospective clients to spread the word about deals and packages, offering discounted goods, telling clients about events, and more. 

The pandemic negatively impacted the hospitality sector, as hotels battled to stay open in a closed economy. This study reveals that the pandemic’s effect on the economy and people’s livelihood was worse than the 9/11 attack. 

Years after, the devasting effects still linger, and some hotels haven’t fully recovered. If your hotel hasn’t, you must embrace email marketing to boost operations. 

Contrary to what many believe, people enjoy hearing from hoteliers. Everyone searches for hidden bargains because they want to receive the finest travel and vacation deals. Therefore, this tactic is a fantastic way to establish solid client relationships so they will consider you first when considering places to stay or holiday info sources. 

The beauty of this tactic is that it’s customizable. It can be modified, customized, and formatted to reflect your hotel’s style. You can even utilize various email formats and see which gets opened the most. But you should know that this tactic has tremendous potential to widen your clientele and boost income. 

Advantages of this Tactic

Lead Generation

Every marketing technique seeks to obtain quality leads. When you have them, it becomes easy to curate a list and send pertinent messages that address your intended market’s needs. 

Leads obtained from this tactic are powerful since they can accelerate reservations and bookings. Even if they don’t confirm their reservation, their desire has already made them a lead.

Build a Rigid Connection

An efficacious campaign has two primary objectives: attract new clients and retain existing ones. Most hotel establishments concentrate so much on the first one that they forget the second one. They often don’t nurture the loyalty of existing clients, forgetting that they contribute the most income from consistent referrals and patronage. 

This tactic is a fantastic way to do this. A brief appreciation note can make a big difference. You can also inquire about their preferences and objections to the hotel’s services.

Reports and Insights

The tactic offers accurate insights and reports hoteliers can use to monitor their progress. Such parameters include conversion rates, open rates, clickthrough rates, unsubscriptions, etc. Monitoring these parameters helps you know what to concentrate on. 

Advertises Deals and Discounted Offers

This tactic is excellent at advertising top deals and discounted offers. Individuals always search for exotic or affordable travel options. The more value you consistently provide them, the more likely they will open your emails and buy from you.

Cross-selling and upselling are both possible. While upselling entails upgrading the service, cross-selling includes promoting other services as part of the overall accommodation reservation package.

This tactic also aids in promoting events. 

Increase in ROI

This tactic, undeniably, has massive ROI compared to other tactics. Since most individuals and enterprises prefer emails to calls and texts, it has a broad audience that spans various age groups and industries. The standard ROI on this technique is $42 for every $1 spent. 

Proven Email Methods You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Curate a List

You must curate a list for your campaign to work. A quality list typically comprises of individuals who have previously expressed an interest in the hotel services. If you don’t have a list, then you could either painstakingly obtain data from your site or hire a highly-reputable agency like FrescoData to obtain it for you via running drip campaigns. 

It enables you to concentrate on other important facets of your establishment. 

But, if you have an email list and aren’t seeing the intended outcomes, you should re-evaluate it. Analyze the metrics, pinpoint your mistakes, and launch a re-engagement campaign.

2. Ensuring Your Emails are Responsive

Most individuals use their phones to check emails. Don’t believe?

This research shows that 85% of people use their phones to check their emails, and if the age range is 25 to 34, the number is higher. If you want your campaign to be successful, anything you send prospective clients must be responsive. It has to be completely modified for mobile use.

Why is this stage crucial?

Your intended market are your clients. Whatever tactic you select must make them the center. Your approach must be changed to accommodate their desires. If not, it will fail.

3. Share Images

People frequently struggle to recall what you say, but they mostly recall what they see. Thus, using images in your messages may significantly improve conversion rates. Just telling them that your hotel is the greatest won’t cut it. You should demonstrate why it’s the greatest to your prospective clients so they can see for themselves.

For instance, highlight the interior and exterior aspects of your hotel if it is located in a beautiful area of the city near a lot of tourist attractions. For visitors to come to your hotel and observe these tourist attractions, you should also snap images of them. Just watch out that it doesn’t reduce your open rate. 

4. Include Videos in your Emails

Did you really think we’d forget about videos? Zero chance. Video marketing is here to stay because the dramatic increase in Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat usage, not to mention YouTube, is noteworthy.  

This 2020 Business Insider Report reveals that 244.4 million people watch video content, particularly young people. In addition, a Hubspot study found that 54% of clients want enterprises to provide more video content.

Individuals can connect with your material more easily when videos are included in your email. For instance, including videos of the hotel rooms or quietly including some gifs increases the excitement and relatability of your material.

5. Establish a Brand

Why should guests pick your hotel above the competition in the area? That   who you are.

If you want to establish a successful and long-lasting brand, you must determine what sets your establishment apart from the competition. 

If you rely on your hotel’s room spaces, other hotels may usually offer the same item in better settings. Instead of copying what your rivals are doing, you should customise your tactics to represent the distinctive attributes of your hotel.

6. Offer Special Deals

Everyone enjoys good deals. So what’s even better than a good deal? A  free offer.

One of the most efficacious techniques is to promote special offers. Freebies and exclusive offers are quite popular. They want the normal price to be highlighted and the lower price to be struck out.

Offer them discounts on your hotel’s services or special getaway packages. Because existing clients will undoubtedly recommend your establishment to their friends, you will build a lasting relationship with your consumers faster than you might ever dream.

7. Newsletters

Newsletters may sound outdated or cliche, but it’s one of the most efficacious techniques you can utilize. It promotes you as an authority in your field and aids their trust and confidence. 

The beauty of this tactic is that your hotel is never mentioned. Newsletters share information, and that is what you will do. Developing trust is the ultimate objective. Provide them details on local tourist sites, business events, special announcements, the finest places to eat at, working with a travel agent, etc.

Prospective clients should be delighted to read your email because they know they will learn something new.

8. Customization

Your open and conversion rates can significantly rise with email customization, with a 20% increase in sales.

Sending customized messages will help you achieve the desired outcome. People love to be seen, heard, and appreciated. It gives the impression that you care a great deal about them. They’ll open it if you segment your list and send them tailored messages with their name in the subject line and introduction. 

Let FrescoData Guide You

The hotel industry is challenging. Money allocation, workforce management, and maintaining local security are only a few facets to be concerned about. Utilzing appropriate tools and techniques to promote your establishment might divert your attention from more vital tasks.

But you shouldn’t worry about it. FrescoData is a top-notch agency that utilizes data to quickly grow its clientele, draw in visitors, and boost sales.To generate the desired income, we have a comprehensive list of prospect data, utilize the most efficacious omnichannel marketing techniques, and offer excellent data-driven solutions. Contact FrescoData today

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