You need to know about Buying a Business Email List before It’s too late

Know About Buying a Business Email List

One of the most interesting strategies that President Obama’s campaign executed was to embrace email marketing by purchasing email database worth $8 million to create community outreach programs, resulting into Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Today, President Obama is considered to be one of the most connected politicians of his age.
Buying data should be seen as an investment rather than the opposite. An opt-in, legally compiled business email list enables marketers to execute highly targeted campaigns that yield highest click through rates.
Below are five major reasons why you must buy a business email list today.

  1. An opt-in Business Email List can provide you up to date and well segmented data, contact information and other essential business information to create highly targeted campaigns with accurate results.
  2. Data Validating is another service available by reputed email providers that can help you dodge blacklists, spam filters and help you improve on your deliverability. An email database gets old particularly where there’s a high turnover rate. By buying an updated business list or by using data validating services, businesses can enjoy massive benefits especially when it comes to open, click-through and conversion rates.
  3. Business contacts switching jobs is one of the core reasons behind 25 percent of email contacts expiring annually. While retention is one of the best ways to move ahead along with the clients, one can also get in touch get a fresh B2B list from a legitimate email provider to introduce existing products and services and create loyal clients along the way.
  4. While client surveys and data collection is a great way to understand the interest and needs of your target market, Email Database can provide you with the necessary information that your business needs. This includes helping you understand with demographics, firmographics, industry information etc. to help you device a targeted marketing strategy and ultimately, get the right message to the right audience.
  5. As a business owner, there’s one thing you must most certainly know – logically you cannot waste your time and resources waiting for permission-based inbound marketing to take place for greater sales and revenue. By doing so, you’ll lose interest of investor and hundreds of opportunities along the way. Buying a Prospects List for targeted marketing will help you drive incredible results and save a great amount of time to evaluate, analyze and improve on your next marketing strategy.

Have you purchased a well segmented B2B list for your business? If you are having difficulties buying the right kind of segmented business lists, it is a better idea to seek assistance from professional businesses.
Learn how FrescoData’s Opt-in Email Lists can be used for your marketing campaigns.

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