4 Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Direct Mail List

Right Kind of Direct Mail List

Direct mail is one of the strongest wings in the marketing domain that guarantees strong and healthy ROI especially when it comes to customer acquisition. There are areas that marketing experts hold with utmost care when planning a direct marketing campaign, i.) sourcing a quality list, and ii.) testing before the campaign goes live.

Choosing a list for your next direct marketing campaign can be a tricky business. This is why getting expert advice from direct marketing professionals is essential to make sure that the business mail list you purchase is as effective and successful as possible.

Tips for Direct Mail List

Below are a few marketing tidbits from direct marketing experts to help you source the right kind of list:


The customer profiles in the direct mail list need to match your target market. You will either need to sit down with your marketing team to do some research to identify your target audience or give the task to experts who can tailor the list for you after getting some insights on your marketing objective.

Generally, companies are able to gain valuable insight by looking at the profiles of previous customers or those who responded well to your previous direct marketing promotions. Similarly, when buying a list from a list provider, you will need to cover the target market according to your campaign objectives. For example, a B2C will not even reach 5-10% of your customers targeted for a C-level business campaign.


A lot of companies will gladly help you by providing opt-in lists. Very few turn out to be 100% honest when it comes to such guarantees. Make sure you buy email lists from email providers who guarantee at least 85% deliverability. Lastly, purchase Consumer & Business Email and Direct Mail Marketing Lists from Direct Marketing Association (DMA) members only.

There will be a variety of lists available from list providers for you to choose from. A B2C list will include location, buying behavior, interests, age and other demographics. A B2B list will include location, employee size, turnover, industry and other essential firmographics. A Specialty mailing list of MD, CEO, CMO, CFO, COO, Sales, Finance, Admin, HR, Sales & Marketing etc., so that your marketing strategy shapes into something more comprehensive and effective.


When using your own list for a direct marketing campaign, make sure it’s not older than 6-12 months. If it’s slightly older than a year, you will need to do data cleaning before everything else.

If you’re skipping using your own list and planning to buy a good business mail list, you will need to ensure that it has been not too old. A legitimate list company will only sell lists that are cleaned once in every 6 months, validated and enhanced to ensure maximum guarantee of your campaign’s success.


Direct mail list prices are usually quoted in thousands per list. If you’re being offered a high volume list on a very low cost, you should be worried. You could be duped into buying a list that is low quality and will generate a fairly low response.

If you want to buy a direct mail list that is worth thousands, you can always ask the email provider for a sample of it. This way you will be able to ensure that your money is indeed not going down the drain and that when integrated with the right kind of marketing content and strategy, it will bring success and revenue.

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