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At FrescoData, we have a global perspective. We understand that marketing to different markets can be challenging, which is why we are working to simplify the process for our customers. As the world continues to become a more interconnected place, it may become increasingly important to market your product or services outside of your country of origin. For this reason, we think its important to discuss how to create personalized email marketing strategies for a Canadian audience.

It may seem as though marketing in the US and Canada are the same. After all, the countries share a border, look similar, and are on the same continent. When you investigate the specifics of marketing in Canada versus the US though, you realize Canadians are much different than Americans. Not only are Canadians more progressive than Americans, they belong to one of the most rapidly advancing countries on the planet. Reaching this diverse nation of over 35 million people is not as simple as buying an international mailing list. It is also not as simple as copying the tactics you use in the US.

Email Marketing for Canadians
Email Marketing for Canadians

Appeal to Canadian Values and Self-Perceptions

Canadians, like people from many other nations, universally view themselves differently than the rest of the world. They view themselves as unique, easy-going and honest. They also believe they are less hostile and less aggressive than their American neighbors. They assume the best in others and are extremely trusting.

Appealing to these Canadian values in your personalized email marketing will help Canadians find value in your brand, product and service. It will develop a connection between your company and a Canadian audience. Creating specific marketing strategies that relate to Canadian ways of being will make them more interested in doing business with your company.

Price Matters to Canadians

For many Canadians, price matters. Canadians have experienced fluctuations in their currency, causing it to go up and down in value over the years. This has caused many Canadians to become price savvy and make the most out of the money that they have. If you price your product or service competitively in Canada, it is more likely to gain popularity among the Canadian market.

It is important to do market research and ensure that there is demand for what you are trying to promote in Canada. What sells in one country is not guaranteed to sell well in another. If you do your due diligence and believe there is an opportunity for your product or service in Canada, remain focused on serving the gap in the Canadian market. Make it clear to Canadians that your product or service is innovative because it has not been seen in the market before. This will help savvy shoppers feel comfortable engaging with your brand.

Stay Clear of Canadian Stereotypes

Canadians have a love/hate relationship with stereotypes about them. This means it can be relatively risky to use stereotypes when creating personalized email marketing to Canadians. Here are some examples of Canadian stereotypes that should be avoided:

  • Most Canadians do not say “aboot” instead of “about.” The only exception here is in Newfoundland.
  • Canadians prefer keeping eh for themselves. If you use it and your company is not Canadian, it will not sit well with them.
  • Canada is not in a perpetual state of winter. Many Canadians actually live farther south than many Americans do.

Using stereotypes when attempting to connect with Canadians can seem disingenuous. It can also leave Canadians with the wrong impression about your company. For this reason, your company is better off finding other tactics to create a connection with Canadian audiences. Otherwise, your company may waste a lot of money on ineffective marketing.

Create Personalized Email Marketing in Multiple Languages

In Canada, most people speak English as their primary language. Nevertheless, over 10 million people speak French in Canada and 7.9 million of them speak French at home. Developing a version of your website and email marketing material in French can help you succeed in the Canadian market. This effort will show your Canadian audience that you care about them and build a trusting connection with them. Ultimately, this will make it more likely for them to purchase your product or service.

Be Mindful of Canadian SPAM and Privacy Laws

Canadians have strict laws that they follow to protect consumer privacy. One law they have enacted is the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA.) It is a data privacy law that protects the personal information of Canadians. PIPEDA sets standards for how data can be collected about Canadians and how that data can be used. Another law to be aware of is Canada’s Anti-SPAM Law (CASL.) It is one of the toughest anti-SPAM laws in the world. The legislation applies to all electronic communication—emails and texts—between companies and consumers. Plus, Canada has a Do Not Call list, which does not allow companies to cold-call consumers who are registered on this list.


Marketing can be tough. Marketing internationally can be tougher. If your company wants to enter the Canadian market, but feels overwhelmed doing so, the tactics above can help simplify the process. If this is still not enough to make things more manageable for your team, you can always reach out to FrescoData for our services. We are experts at marketing through digital channels all over the world, including in Canada. Plus, we can provide international mailing lists for Canadians that can help you reach that audience. With our expertise at your side, we can make your campaigns in Canada extremely successful.


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