Proven Ways to Grow Email Lists

Email promotion is by far one of the most profitable means of marketing.

A critical aspect of the process is the audience segment that trusts you with their email address, i.e. prospective customers and clients who have subscribed to your email newsletter.

Proven Ways to Grow Email Lists

But, that’s a problem – it can be difficult to get people on an email list. Is there a way? Absolutely. Let us show you a couple of good recommendations based on our experience:


The solution is simple.

Team up with reputable email marketing companies – someone who is a member of Direct Marketing Association. It is going to take a couple of meetings to discuss the objective of your marketing campaigns to create buyers’ persona before you buy opt-in email lists. But, it’s worth the time and efforts.

Ironically, if you buy email lists without taking the time to create a sketch of who your target audience is or who you’re going to advertise your product to – the quality of your email lists will definitely suffer. And ultimately, it will depreciate your overall revenue.

If you’re looking for tips on what is the smartest way to buy email lists, check out ‘Tips for Buying Email Lists.’


If you offer great content, people are going to want more from you. Kudos, because you can then politely ask a prospective client for their email address and explain the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter.

There’s a smarter way of doing this. Create a free product trial/eBook as an incentive and let people get access to you by creating a non-annoying pop-up email sign-up box that appears before you let them download it.

Make sure whichever way you chose, you decrease the hassle in the name of subscription options. Moderate and reduce the number of steps and amount of data it requires to fill up the subscription box. This will help reduce the number of people who abandon the subscription simply because it’s too long or because they think it’s going to appear on every single page or maybe they could subscribe some other time.

An incredible ‘subscription pathway optimization’ testing by Marketing showed that by reducing the number of subscription steps, the daily email newsletter subscription rate went up to 700%.

Both the ways of growing your email lists are short and simple. Start implementing the tips in this article and you’ll see the difference right away. Also, if you treat your subscribers right, your list will automatically grow.

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