The Art of Creating Personalized Emails

We’ve all been there.
An email is carefully crafted, where each sentence is polished until it shimmers and shines. A subject line is chosen that incorporates, uniqueness, urgency, and usefulness. And at last, the “send” button is clicked on with great relief. But, when you look at the stats, you notice your email campaign has failed miserably. The open rates aren’t as high as expected, and the number of click-through is barely noticeable. What actually happened is that you forgot to add the secret sauce, ‘personalization’.
personalized emails

Email Personalisation Tips

Econsultancy in a Quarterly Intelligence Briefing noted that a majority of marketers believe personalization is essential, in particular. Personalization can range from elements on the homepage to the search function on your website. Today, we’re going to cover personalized emails and how different styles of personalization can help you achieve improved ROI.
First things first, personalized subject lines with people’s name collected through an opt-in form when they signed up for your newsletter, is  a must have. Review the names of people on your mailing list regularly to make sure a valid name matches up to each email address. You don’t want to send an email that read, “We’ve Missed You, Banana Southampton” in the subject line of an email in your recipients’ mailbox.
Next, the email content should reflect your recipients’ needs and interests. You must segment your email lists so you have a different headline/opening for each group in your email marketing strategy. Personalized emails will only help enhance your audiences’ view of your business.
Did you know that personalized emails receive 45 percent more clicks than standard emails?
Moreover, the more personalized links in the email, the higher the conversion rate you will achieve. You can personalize the various elements on your landing page such as testimonials, endorsements, and even navigation, categories, and sidebar widgets to appeal to a particular segment group from your mailing list.
Another interesting fact is that personalized recommendations help make more sales. Take a look at, which has reviews of all products sold on the site. If the recommendation says something good about your product, it means what you’re selling is legitimate and valuable and more people are likely to buy from you. If you’re struggling to find the correct means to personalize your emails, you can simplify things with calling in an expert.

Read FrescoData Blog for more such email marketing tricks and insights.

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