Most businesses make the mistake of sending the exact same email to everyone on their mailing list. Experts at FrescoData strongly recommend that if you are selling different products, you have to come up with criteria for segmentation. Let’s look at the different ways of segmenting your email list for better engagement and conversions.

Segmenting Your Mailing List for Better Engagement

Mailing List for Engagement


Customer Type

It would be much easier for a salesperson to know more about the people visiting their store. Depending on whether the individual is new or is a regular customer, the salesperson can engage them differently. Similarly, many databases use labels which differentiate new customers from existing ones. If you are using a similar database, segment your lists on these basic differentiations. This is the perfect way of targeting your audience in a way that will result in higher conversions.


Location is an important aspect which has to be considered while segmenting your mailing list. If you have a physical and an online store, you may want to send emails about the latest sales in-store to the people in your region. However, if you have customers from different countries, you have to send out specific promotions. That being said, it is worth noting that most mailing list providers will provide options for segmentation based on location. Once a customer has signed up for your email database that is when their location is determined for future references.


It is not necessary for every individual to have the same likes or dislikes and sending them the same marketing material is not an effective solution. But if you consider sending a target specific ad based on the customer’s needs, it will get you the solution you are looking for. An interest-based segmentation will come in handy as you will have several options to get customers to subscribe to the appropriate segment. This can be done based on the products they click on in your email, items they purchase and lead magnets.

Now that you have a better idea of segmenting your mailing list, you can ensure increased conversions. Moreover, it is an effective solution that will prevent you from annoying potential customers who might refuse to do business with you in the future. That being said, if you buy email lists from professional organizations, they will be more than happy to segment the lists based on your needs and requirements.

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