How to Use Data-Driven Marketing to Target Potential Real Estate Leads

Data-Driven Marketing to Target Potential Real Estate Leads

According to the Forbes Real Estate Council panel, the outlook for the real estate industry isn’t very positive. Especially for potential homeowners. The 11-member team predicts a rise in US housing prices, increasing demand for rentals and multi-family homes, and decreasing demand for commercial real estate leases and lower rental rates.

Of course, if you are a savvy real estate marketer, you can take advantage of all the market ups and downs, and weather the storm into 2022 and beyond. But before you start rushing off to put up those for sale signs and counting your commission, you should make sure you have all the trusted, up-to-date data you need to make the right marketing decision for your real estate agency.

Data and analytics should be a part of any targeted real estate marketing campaign. At FrescoData, we can provide you with up-to-date, trusted, real estate industry data, a targeted email list, and data enhancement and data validation services to enrich and validate the data you have. We can also strategize with you on your data-driven marketing strategy for your real estate marketing service.

Once you have the right data, you can make use of these real estate marketing tips that can help you target more real estate leads.


Power Your Networking Skills with Data-Driven Marketing

Networking is one of the strengths of real estate professionals, but building your network can take years of trial and error. As a new real estate agent or professional, you may not have all the connections you need to make the impact you want. Using a Google search to find companies, services, and people you want to connect with can be time-consuming. Cold calling or email pitching all these different people as an unknown can cause you to end up with negative results and a bad email reputation.

Letting them come to you through targeted email lists, advertising, and networking events is the better way to improve networking. Find some common ground where all parties can benefit then use FrescoData geofencing mobile advertising backed with industry data to find your network.


Use Consumer Data for Real Estate Network Referrals

Another way to make use of industry data and consumer data to build your network is to let your referrals do the connecting for you. Through consumer data, you can find the most reviewed and popular services homeowners and businesses use, and then target them through a direct email marketing campaign. Likewise, you can also ask for client testimonials for your website, case studies, and online reviews for Zillow,, and HomeLight.


Show Your Industry Expertise With Potential Real Estate Leads

Writing or speaking about the industry helps you build trust through webinars, video conferences, and blogs. You can show off your expertise and build an expansive global network without leaving your hometown. Using FrescoData’s global data network, you can reach out to real estate experts across the globe, conduct online brainstorming sessions and get connections who can lead you to homeowners who are changing time zones.


Stay Up-to-Date on the Real Estate Market

Branch out and expand your real estate marketing services and get new real estate leads through education and adaptation. Get the up-to-date data you need from FrescoData to find new patterns and trends emerging in real estate. Take a course and learn a new skill that you can offer as part of your real estate marketing service. Share updated knowledge with your network and tell them where they can buy consumer data to suit their real estate industry needs.


Support Your Potential Real Estate Leads

You are in real estate and one of the basic needs of human beings is shelter. I’m not saying to give away houses, but connecting your brand with a community program or charity that does is not only a great network marketing strategy, but it makes you feel good when you can help provide for those in need. Try volunteering for Habitat For Humanity or the disaster relief organization in your area. Use an email re-engagement strategy to target those who have lost their homes during the pandemic. Be visible with a helping hand and a kind smile.


Use A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy to Weather Social Media Crashes

Your social media strategy can be part of a broad-based omnichannel marketing strategy or it can be part of a targeted inbound marketing strategy to bring customers back to your website or real estate agency. Keep in mind, social media should not be the backbone of your business. Though social media is a great tool for sharing your brand message and promoting brand goals, given Facebook’s recent blackout, a lot of businesses have discovered that a heavily social media-based strategy can be detrimental to your business.

As a real estate marketing service or agency, you must treat social media as your display shelves and emails or your website as your storeroom and cashiers. That way any algorithm changes or blackouts won’t heavily affect your business.


Omnichannel Marketing Strategy with Social Media

Social media is just one of many channels you can use to promote your real estate marketing service. When using a data-driven marketing strategy, Frescodata can use real estate industry data to help you create an omnichannel marketing strategy to reach the maximum potential real estate leads through all social media platforms.


Inbound Marketing Strategy with Social Media

Not every social media platform is great for real estate. However, a few work well for the industry, like YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. (Then again, TikTok seems to work with most niches.) With such limited ways for impactful exposure and the risk of crashes and algorithm changes, getting your prospects back to your website and into your CRM system is the smarter data-driven marketing strategy. Using inbound marketing strategy methods, you can create your consumer database or industry list to help you weather social media crashes.

Or you can buy consumer data and your real estate industry lists from FrescoData and get started on your data-driven marketing campaign ahead of the competition.


Attracting Real Estate Leads through Geofencing Mobile Advertising with Programmatic Ads

Programmatic display advertising allows you to target new real estate leads wherever they are. Once your potential lead owns a smart device, whether mobile, connected TV, or smart fridge, you can reach them with programmatic ads.

Since programmatic display advertising works through a bidding process, how much you spend is only relevant if your potential lead can see your ad. Therefore, you are at least guaranteed that your target will see your ad. The rest is now up to you.

To maximize programmatic display advertising you can create mobile-optimized email campaigns and use our geofencing mobile advertising for pinpoint targeting. Buying consumer data or using FrescoData’s data validation services helps you with creating those mobile-optimized email campaigns by verifying and validating your existing customer lists.

Interest in programmatic display advertising is growing, so the time to capitalize on the growing programmatic ad industry is now. Geofencing mobile advertising gives you pinpoint targeting on your geographical area and helps customize a mobile ad campaign to suit your real estate marketing needs. With a targeted mobile-optimized email strategy you can cash in on those potential real estate leads faster than your nearest competitor.


Re-Target Real Estate Leads with a Data-Driven Email Re-engagement Strategy

In an established real estate marketing agency you may already have an existing contact list and email list of real estate clients with whom you’d like to re-engage. First, you need to clean, verify and validate your list to ensure those target clients haven’t moved, died, or have incorrect information. Then you can begin your email re-engagement strategy.

That sounds tedious and may not give you half the leads you might expect. After all, these people have already bought from you, how can they become leads? It’s not like you’re selling food or clothes. So how can your email re-engagement strategy get new real estate leads?

You do this by creating a highly targeted and segmented direct mail campaign based on different consumer behavior and by creating partners with those who can be a part of your network. At FrescoData we have data enhancement services and data validation services to help you clean and validate your list. We can also provide cost-effective industry data and consumer data from our global databases and help you strategize an email re-engagement strategy for your direct marketing campaign to reach both old and new real estate leads.


Use Data-Driven Marketing to Increase Brand Visibility

In the TV show WandaVision, the nosy neighbor Agatha was everywhere and in everything. She was right there whenever Wanda needed her. Well, that’s what you’re going to do. You and your brand are going to be available to all your potential real estate leads, yet know how to fade into the background when necessary. To do this without looking like a stalker or coming off as pushy, here are a few data-driven marketing strategies you can use to target your potential real estate leads.


Track Lifestyle Changes

Did someone get married? Have a baby? Got a promotion, change jobs, or got laid off? Who’s moving out? Who’s moving in? Or in recent times, who is now working from home? All these lifestyle changes can be an opening to get you potential real estate leads. Pitch a new rental for the kid going off to college or a bigger home for the family that wants to take care of an elderly parent.


Use Consumer Data on Competitor Reviews

Whatever your competitor is doing you can learn from it. Reading up on their online reviews is a great start, but if you want to find out just how well your competitor functions and the type of clients they target, you can do that ethically from FrescoData. With a trusted, GDPR compliant, data-driven marketing agency, you can have access to industry data and can buy consumer data from across the globe giving you a competitive edge over your competition.


Brand Your Real Estate Marketing Service

Create a professional look that’s unique to you and the real estate marketing service you provide. Whenever you meet a client make sure documents are professionally crafted with headers and up-to-date contact information. Wear a name tag for open houses and a branded shirt with a company logo. This may seem simple, but some real estate professionals get too comfortable believing everyone in the area knows them and forgo the need for branding.


Show Love for Where You Live

How else are you going to get people to want to move in? Not only must you sing praises to your geographical location, but so too must your network and your past customers (please try not to come off like Pleasantville). Make loving where you live coupled with a lifestyle vlog or blog, a part of our brand strategy and lure new real estate leads from across the globe.


Monitor Homeowner Data Activity

Trolling through your local hardware store can bring you a wealth of information. Who’s doing constant repairs? Who is trying to sell the house themselves? Though a lot of homeowners try the DIY route, you can show them through industry testimonials and case studies how your real estate marketing services have helped homeowners sell their homes faster, for a better price, and improve their lives by avoiding constant home repairs. This is a tried and true method of getting real estate leads with a % success rate. To take advantage of this without driving around town like a stalker, you can use FrescoData’s extensive consumer database to help target those homeowners and business owners before they put up that for sale sign.

The real estate industry may be going through a transition right now, but you can still target potential real estate leads with the right industry and consumer data. With a data-driven marketing strategy, you can have as many options as you need to reach potential real estate leads. Despite the outlook for homeowners and commercial real estate, your real estate marketing agency can still be successful and serve the needs of your clients with support data from FrescoData.

You don’t have to physically find all these different buyer personas, you can have FrescoData find them for you when you buy consumer data or industry lists. Using behavioral data you can create mobile-optimized emails for your email re-engagement strategy. With demographic data and geofencing, you can create programmatic ads for geofencing mobile advertising. You can magically appear in the inboxes and mobile phones of all these potential real estate lead without the physical run around.

Contact FrescoData today and let’s strategize your next data-driven marketing campaign.

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