While planning a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s good to have a complete checklist to make sure you have considered all aspects of it. Where you’re new to direct mail marketing or a regular users, it’s handy to have a checklist for reference from time to time to avoid common and costly snags.

Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

Learn to produce consistently excellent results and boost the effectiveness of your campaign with our handy direct mail marketing checklist.

Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

Define what the direct mail campaign is designed to accomplish:
Build awareness?
Invite potential customers to an event?
Prompt renewals?
Acquire potential customers?
Sell more to existing customers?

Determine the budget:


How much money do you plan on spending?
What is the timing/frequency of the blasts?

Determine the format of the direct mail campaign:


Is it postcards/letters?
Is it going to be self-mailers?

Buy the right kind of mailing list:


Does the mailing list align with your marketing objectives?
Define the target audience using criteria such as geography, income, gender, industry, etc.

Create a compelling offer with a clear call-to-action:

Grab the attention of your audience
Provide an action step (QR Code, toll-free number, visit website, etc.)

Pick a reliable direct mail service provider:

Provide a partner that provides printing services, address printing and mailing.

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