The KonMari Method for Your Emails


Today minimalism has become trendy. Tidying though has just become even trendier. With Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and now her hit TV show on Netflix, she is making tidying a priority for many of us. There’s something to be said about applying her tidying principles to your business. You can use her methods to develop the best email marketing strategy.


Marketers need to embrace the less-is-more mindset and develop best practices that promote engagement-driving email marketing strategies.


Marie Kondo has taught us how to create consistency and organization in our lives. Imagine how successful your business can be if you apply the same approach to data privacy, GDPR and email marketing. Drive engagement, connect with relevant subscribers and maintain a tidy, organized email list? This sounds like a winning strategy for email list growth.


This post will demonstrate how you can apply the Marie Kondo approach to your email list. Not only will this create the best email marketing strategy, but it will also spark joy as well.


KonMari Method for Your Emails


Personalization is the Key to the Best Email Marketing


We’ve written about personalization a ton of times on the FrescoData blog, and it keeps coming up time and time again for a reason. Personalization is an extremely important part of the best email marketing strategy! It’s a method that truly works. Many businesses have associated a 760% increase in revenue with personalized and segmented email strategies.


In Marie Kondo’s teachings, she showcases the importance of having a home for everything. Every item must be accessible and relevant in your life. For example, you wouldn’t want your baby shower photos hiding in a box where they can’t be enjoyed and remembered.


This is true for your email subscribers as well. Not personalizing your email campaigns excludes large chunks of your audience from your content. If you don’t take the time to segment your campaigns, you can end up alienating your audience since not everyone is going to connect with the content you are sending out. This is the Marie Kondo equivalent of keeping your old photos in a box.


To fix this problem, you must find a place for everyone in your email list. Create groups, find connections. Put your audience into segments that allow you to create unique journeys for them. Customizing your customer’s journey will take your long-lost subscribers and make them useful and relevant again.


This will spark joy in you as you see your email metrics improve and spark joy in your customers who will be engaging with content that they connect with. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Data enhancement is essential for Your Success


We are here to break the stigma. A larger email list does not mean you will have better email metric results. In terms of Marie Kondo’s teachings, she explains that having more things is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, more stuff can simply lead to more stress.


Applying her logic to your email list, this means that you should not strive to gather more emails. What’s more important is to maintain a list of relevant, useful and engaged subscribers instead. Plus, in a post-GDPR world, more emails can lead you to a ton of consequences if they were not gathered correctly.


Like Marie Kondo, privacy regulations like GDPR have put email data enhancement in the forefront. It has forced marketers to develop better habits and best practices all over the world. Having organized data allows us to know what type of email contacts we have and allows us to determine how to properly connect with them. It also allows us to see if we are missing any key data in our databases, and whether we should consider reaching out to places like FrescoData for data hygiene services.


With a fully cleansed email list, we can ensure that our email marketing metrics will improve over time.


Here are some more articles to help you properly cleanse your email list:



Repeat the Process, Repeatedly


Tidying is not a thing that just happens once. It’s an ongoing process that should take place regularly. Following the Marie Kondo way of thinking means you must regularly come back and tidy your space. This applies to your email list as well. Proper list hygiene depends on you regularly maintaining your database.


When you can, make sure you automate your emails. From welcome emails, to cart abandonment emails, these types of emails can build a list of engaged customers. This will make it easier for you to do your hygiene practices when they come up because you will have less uninterested email contacts to get rid of.




Marie Kondo has changed the way we feel about tidying. She has opened us up to finding the joy in having less and doing more with the stuff we do keep around. Following Marie Kondo’s tidying principles with your email list can create a ton of benefits for your business. It will help your contacts stay engaged since they are receiving segmented, personalized emails. It will improve the quality of your email list by removing outdated contacts and reengaging old subscribers. It will also help you keep you list up-to-date as you develop a regular tidying strategy. Tidying is a part of the best email marketing strategy.


If tidying your emails seems overwhelming for your team, you can always reach out to the experts at FrescoData to assist you with your email list management needs.


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