Tips for Reaching Out to Potential Event Sponsors with a B2B Mailing List


Event sponsors are important to your events. They can be the difference between a profitable event or not. Sponsors are important because they signal to both event attendees and your industry peers that the event you are organizing is legitimate. In this blog post, we will share tips on how to properly reach out to event sponsors with a B2B mailing list.

Event Sponsors with a B2B Mailing List

Reach Out to Quality Leads with a B2B Mailing List

When sending out cold emails, its important to reach out to the right contacts the first time. You can either create a B2B mailing list of quality leads through your own research and analysis of your industry. It is a deliverable email account that does not hard bounce. Some email addresses can negatively affect your deliverability. For example, temporary accounts, high-risk accounts, or email accounts that belong to known complainers, that could get your servers blacklisted. Are you sure you can find these addresses for your quality leads on your own?

You can also leave it to the experts. At FrescoData, we have a dedicated team that can help you find the right, personalized targets for your event sponsorship outreach and create a B2B mailing list of these contacts. If you buy a targeted business mailing list, you can reach out to the correct potential sponsors. This will give you have a higher chance of building profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships for your event.

Create Compelling Subject Lines

When you first reach out to potential sponsors, you must remember that your goal is not to immediately sell sponsorships. Rather, you are working to start a conversation and schedule a meeting with your prospects. With people receiving over 120 emails a day, you must craft subject lines that give your potential sponsors context as to why you are reaching out to them. This will make it more likely for them to click through and read through your message. Fail to entice prospects and this can cause your email to end up in the trash.

Remember Your Objective

As stated previously, the goal of your sponsorship outreach is to start a conversation with them and schedule a meeting to discuss a sponsorship opportunity and how this will ultimately help their business.  This is especially important in the beginning of your outreach. Your contacts within the B2B mailing list will not be compelled to become a sponsor simply based on one email campaign. They will need to be convinced that they will benefit from the opportunity you are presenting them.

Your emails need to focus on the value these companies will receive from sponsorship. Share details about the objectives of the event and the audience you are cultivating for attendance. Also explain how you will benefit them. There are a ton of things you can offer potential sponsors. This can range from ROI via sales to brand awareness through a targeted audience. Here are some examples of how your event can be of benefit a sponsor:

  • On-site Signage
  • Broadcast Ad Opportunities
  • On-site Presence
  • Access to Mailing List or Database
  • Access to Event Content
  • Logo on Collateral

This information will help your prospects see the return on investment (ROI) they will receive by partnering with your event as a sponsor.

Personalize Your Outreach

Most likely you will be reaching out to a bunch of companies for potential sponsorship. It is imperative that you research the companies in order to create the most effective cold email campaigns. Through this research you can segment your prospects into categories. This will then allow you to create personalized campaigns for each potential sponsor segment.

You can do this research on your own, or again, trust the experts at FrescoData to do it for you. Our industry leaders can take quality mailing lists and analyze it to break it down into segments. We will find the similarities and differences between your prospects and find the best way to organize them into groups for outreach.

The Next Step

The key to successful cold emails is to do thorough research before hitting the send button. This is especially true for event sponsor outreach where you must showcase how your event will bring a potential sponsor value before securing a sale. You need to understand the goals of your potential customers and tailor your campaigns to meet their specific needs. This is how your message will stand out in their email inbox and hopefully you will secure a conversation with them.

For more help on finding the right targets and segmenting them into targeted lists, reach out to FrescoData. If you buy a targeted business mailing list, we can help you with the technicalities of building a targeted sponsorship outreach list, leaving you more time to spend on the event.





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