Viral Emails for Event Marketing

As an event marketer, it is critical to advertise and promote your event. Doing so is extremely important for driving sales, generating leads and developing brand awareness. In this article, we will demonstrate some techniques, such as personalized email marketing, you can follow to create viral event emails.

Events come in many different forms. Some of the most common
types of events include:

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Sales events
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Festivals

Even if your company does not exclusively work on events, it
could still benefit form adding an event to its calendar. Events allow you to
connect with your peers and customers in a personal way. Interacting with
people in this way will allow your marketing team to gather information about
your audience. With this information, they will be able to better market to
your audience and stay ahead of the competition.

To create an effective marketing plan for an event, one of
your main goals should be to get as much exposure from the event as possible.
Increased exposure will help your company generate more registrations,
participation and shares from your audience.

Viral marketing is the best way to market an event. Below we describe some techniques that cause virality and lead to more event attention and attendance.

Harness the power of a targeted email list

Over 73% of millennials prefer using email to communicate
with brands. Because of this fact, email must be a critical part of your
marketing strategy.

If you are just starting out, it may be daunting to create an
organic and targeted email list. Creating an email list takes time and effort
on your part, which you may not necessarily have. You can always purchase a
reputable targeted email list from FrescoData, which is tailored with leads
that will help you reach your event marketing goals.

You can leverage the power of social media within email too, reaching a global audience of 2.56 billion people. This combination of platforms creates an effortless way to promote events. You can add hashtags and social share buttons in emails to start this type of strategy. Then to entice your audience to engage with your brand, give them an incentive for sharing information about your event.

Make your campaigns easy to share and promote

You can generate a lot of impact on your marketing through
social sharing.

For marketing to actually go viral, it has to get shared
again and again. This means you need to share content in as many places as
possible and make it content that is highly relevant to your audience. Plus,
sharing must be extremely easy for your audience to do; otherwise, they won’t
take the time to figure it out.

Enable sharing on all your event content. Make sure your audience can tag their friends, family and coworkers in your marketing material on Facebook. Allow your content to be messaged to friends on Instagram. Create calls-to-action within your emails to get your audience engaged. The prompt will encourage your audience to share your content with the people they know.

Narrow your audience with Personalized email marketing

To achieve the most engagement through your event marketing
emails, you should segment your emails and create a personalized email
marketing strategy. This will help you reach your audience in a more specific
way that truly connects with them. The goal of personalized email marketing is
to get your audience to forward your email and share it with

Personalizing your emails will help you create specific messaging to share with your audience and will make the content more likely to be shared. It takes 21 opens to generate a forward with personalized emails as opposed to one forward for every 370 opens with non-personalized emails.

Publish your content at the right time

Consider when you are posting your content. You can use
major events or holidays—like Christmas or the Super Bowl—to your advantage for
marketing your event.

During these big cultural moments, more people than normal
are scrolling through their social media feeds, checking their emails, watching
TV and engaging with content online. Campaigns timed properly to coincide with
these dates will gain more traction than campaigns sent out at other times.

The time you send out your campaigns is important. For
example, if you decide to send out an event marketing email on a Friday night
at 8 PM, it’s not likely to be engaged with that much. Your audience,
regardless of their segment, will likely be busy eating dinner, hanging out
with their friends or doing something offline. Friday nights are for
socializing and connecting with other people, not checking emails or
interacting with brands.

Be conscious of when you send your campaigns and really think about what your audience will do at the time they receive your email. If you think they will follow through with your desired outcome at a specific date and time, then that is when you should be sending out your email campaigns.


There are a ton of ways you can market your events through
email marketing. No matter which one you choose, your goal should always be to
get your content viewed by as many people as possible.

It is easier to achieve this goal when you combine your
email marketing efforts with other channels, like social media. Doing so will
make it more likely that your content will be spread to a wide audience.
Following the tactics we reviewed above will help with this process, and make the
personalized email marketing efforts for your event more successful.

Want assistance creating the most compelling event email
marketing campaigns? Contact the experts at FrescoData for help executing viral
email marketing campaigns for your event company.


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