Why should you invest in Business Email Lists?

invest in business email lists

We are a specialist B2B provider focusing on the Asian market. To be successful in business you need to prioritize few things: Attract a new audience and create a demand for your product.

Business Email List

These two are playing an equally important role in marketing and selling strategies. In Asia, marketing campaigns, if done prudently can be quite effective. It is a vast market for you, to meet the sales demand, so take advantage with our database. But how should you begin? Where do you start from? There are lots of business strategies to fulfill and one of them is buying email lists from a provider. As there are a lot of hassles in business, and a spam in the email list is not what you are looking at. But why should you buy an email list?

  • Reduce Cost: Go economical by saving paper and sending emails. It’s the best way to connect and be sales driven. So here you create a marketing campaign with zero printing and packing costs and saving time in delivery too as it’s instant.
  • Accelerate response: Inserting an immediate sign up form or an online sales link provides instant conversions and sales. This is a boost to the marketing strategy.
  • Go Farther for less: Worldwide approach as it can be delivered anywhere, anytime and anyplace.
  • Integrated Efforts: Integrating with the social media to facilitate communication and customer relations is adding a personal touch to the entire concept.
  • Traceable conversions and sales: Sales can easily be traced and tracked and kept a record for in no time.

Our database has been researched and compiled to get you the comprehensive list of business emails in Asia. Our database has received high response rates and conversions rates and markets their business without any delay. The list we provide is segmented into age, gender, job, industry, income and other details. Our lists are comprehensive and niche in quality so that you get optimum results and benefits and they are segmented so that you are aware as to which audience to target. You can get the right exposure by targeting business executives from various industry segments. Our lists are updated regularly and we are known for it as we have been told so by our customers. The database that we provide includes the following details in a detailed manner and are updated and complete:

  • Contact name
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Business contact number
  • Company name
  • Physical address
  • Revenue
  • Company size
  • SIC code

These details can be customized as per your business needs. There is no compulsion to buy all the information. The mailing lists are divided into job, functions, regions and industry. It comes from different industries which include energy, construction, engineering services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and healthcare. Our dedicated team keeps constantly updating the databases and keeps them verified at all times. Our database is used by company’s focusing on – direct marketing, telemarketing, event marketing and online marketing campaigns. We are completely licensed and this database is sourced through public records, websites, business cards, publications. Individual consent is also taken before updating the contact details in the database. It is verified to ensure maximum accuracy.

Contact us and make the most of your business with absolutely no spam numbers. We are known for accuracy and are professional in our attitude. There are various packages for the required quantity and are segmented according to professions and designations in Asia. There is no compulsion in buying all the information. Call us and get started.

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