10 Tips for Cheertastic B2B Christmas Email Campaigns – Part 1

B2B Christmas Email Campaigns

This holiday season, if you’re spending a majority of your time on social media, and little to no time on email marketing, you’re making a potentially tragic mistake that could cost you surplus revenue. While B2B marketing channels have evolved rapidly in the consumer-centric digital landscape, email marketing stands on top of the hierarchy as an effective, versatile and primary facet of marketing. For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. Marketing experts deem it to be the strongest channel for inbound marketing and employ the best of the email marketing best practices during the holiday season to spike up their sales. In this post, we’ll share actionable tips to get your B2B Christmas Email Campaigns ready for the busiest time of the year.

Christmas Email Campaigns Tips

Start Early

It is not uncommon for people to shop early. According to a new report from CreditCards.com, one in seven adults have already kicked off holiday season shopping in 2015. On a similar note, marketers are encouraging early shopping deals to meet a significant portion of total annual sales in the last couple of months. That said, there’s nothing worse than rolling out your Christmas email campaigns one week before Christmas.

A lot of companies create email campaigns in haste and end up producing sub-par content during some noteworthy holiday. Don’t fall into this category and prevent the last-minute ill-thought version of what could be your most innovative email campaign.

Micro Targeting

When it comes to Christmas email campaigns, the standard selling process doesn’t work effectively. For every single marketing campaign, one has to pre-select their audience for greater precision. Marketers fear that extremely targeted ads may creep their audience, but that is not the case. When you’re targeting a niche audience such as the C-Suite, precision marketing in the winning formula.

For a higher level of accuracy, create a buyers persona that will allow you to understand their profile and thereby allow you to aim your marketing content with an even greater level of accuracy. Basic demographic along with firmographics and industry information can help you understand their needs. This kind of information is crucial to create agile and highly personalized email campaigns.

Everything Starts with a List

As a business owner, it is logically foolish to waste your time and resources building an email list and expect greater sales and revenue in return. Chop-chop! You can save an incredible amount of time by taking professional assistance in getting hold of a legitimate, opt-in, and customized executive email lists.

When doing so, it’s best to reach out to authentic and reliable source of premium quality email lists and marketing lists. A qualified team of data experts such as FrescoData can provide you insights on firmographics, demographics and help you gain high turnover rate over your email marketing campaigns. Quality email lists can enhance margins by improved predictions of tentative outcomes, and most importantly help you cut down costs with better demand planning.

When you buy email marketing lists, make sure you purchase business mailing lists that is not older than six to twelve months. Business contacts switching jobs is a major reason behind 25 percent of email contacts expiring annually. A legitimate email provider can help you get a fresh and accurate B2B email database to create loyal business clients.

Buying an email list is not going to be an easy task, but it’s worth the pain. The right kind of email lists play a significant role in email marketing metrics such as open, click rates, conversion rates.

It’s imperative that you and your email provider sit down and go through the micro targeting list in order to find the right business mailing lists. You can ask your email provider to help you find the right audience based on segmentation such as demographics, firmographics, industry information, etc.

Christmas Email Campaign
Effective Christmas Marketing Campaigns

While you’re at it, we would also recommend you to buy email marketing lists from vendors who are members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). You can save an incredible amount of time to evaluate, analyze, and improve on your next marketing strategy and drive incredible results when you chose to buy email marketing lists.

By working on the above three ideas in your planning, you’ll receive incredible results with effective Christmas marketing campaigns. In our next post, we’ll share with you how to make optimum use of marketing automation to accelerate sales through B2B Christmas Email Campaigns, and using the most responsive medium for email interaction and revenue.

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