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Month: January 2016

Three Tips to Maximize Your Direct Mail Marketing Success

As a business owner, acquiring new customers, retaining or upselling existing ones and converting inquiries to sales are key to your success. Here are some fundamental direct mail marketing tips.
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Simple Email Marketing Tips to Create Connection with Audience

At FrescoData, we have shared a great deal of insights, email marketing tips to help companies make the most of their marketing budget. In order to stay in business, you
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How To Find The Right Email Marketing Company

If you want to make an impression using email marketing, especially in a very short period of time, a thoughtful strategy can help you get the job done. The strategy
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Proven Ways to Grow Email Lists

Email promotion is by far one of the most profitable means of marketing. A critical aspect of the process is the audience segment that trusts you with their email address,
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The Art of Creating Personalized Emails

We’ve all been there. An email is carefully crafted, where each sentence is polished until it shimmers and shines. A subject line is chosen that incorporates, uniqueness, urgency, and usefulness.
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Spam Laws & Its Effectiveness

There’s a piece of legislation in the United States – known as ‘CAN-SPAM’ (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) – that was passed in 2003, and has marketers distressed.
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A Comprehensive Email Marketing Checklist

Your brand and email marketing efforts are like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Solo, they’re great but combine the two of them and their power is multiplied. You can get the
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3 External Factors can Impact Email Campaign Success

Given the amount of email marketing tips being thrown all around us, it’s difficult to focus on all the specific details and still manage to produce tangible results. Miss a
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Successful Email Marketing Leaders Strategies In 2016

The rumors of the (implausible) death of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated, despite it being the most powerful combination best-of-breed creativity, business strategy, big data, and effective planning and
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