Successful Email Marketing Leaders Strategies In 2016

The rumors of the (implausible) death of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated, despite it being the most powerful combination best-of-breed creativity, business strategy, big data, and effective planning and management skills. In fact, email is gradually integrating into many lucrative mainstream mediums of the 21st century for maximum effectiveness.

As business leaders move into the hugely exciting year ahead with a continued mission to use the email marketing best practices to win the trust and interest of their prospective audience, we are going to see changes in a critical part of the email marketing process.

Email Marketing Leaders

email markeitng leaders strategies


Many times you see leaders plow ahead without a detailed and clear understanding of the type of audience they want on their lists. Without a clear understanding of who you want as your target customer, you won’t be able to craft a message that gains their trust.

As we move in 2016, we are going to see more and more email marketing leaders buying opt-in email lists from companies who are members of the Direct Marketing Association. This means, more marketers will see success in reaching out to the prospects interested and engaged.

Take time to figure out who you want on your list and discuss the email marketing objective with your email lists provider. Then only, you buy opt-in email lists containing quality email addresses of your prospective audience. This means you will see increased deliverability, click-through rates, and lesser spams/blocks by ISPs.

For many businesses, email marketing could turn into the sole driver of revenue in 2016.


When you’re writing an email, you run through a checklist based.

Does the reader find value in your message?

Is your email message remarkable?

Does the email message lead to action?

The bottom-line is that your email has one goal – to get people to buy from you and be your loyal customers. Now, this seems easy, but it’s not. In fact, it can be one of the trickiest parts of email marketing. So, let’s break down to the specifics.


Getting someone to trust in your brand is not going to be easy. Once you gain their approval, even if you write a pretty lame subject line, people are still going to read your messages. You must first, of course, gain their approval.

The recipient is going to look at the sender name to see if you’re a trusted source. Make sure every email you send starts with the same “FROM” identifier.

If you’re offering value deals and don’t want people to miss out on them, you need to create a sense of urgency. Keep in mind, compelling limited-time offers will only prove to be useful when they don’t appear in the email frequently.

Use SPAM checking software before very email blasts cycle. A useful software will help identity and eliminate spam triggers.

Often, email marketing leaders are well aware of email marketing best practices, and yet they don’t follow some of them. FrescoData helps you not attract the wrong crowd with its fresh and accurate database of opt-in email marketing lists. Check more on email marketing tips, how-tos, and news on FrescoData Blog.

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