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Month: April 2016

Getting Started: Email Marketing Lists

If you’re wondering how you can start taking advantage of email marketing, email marketing lists is the answer. If you already have a list, but you haven’t effectively mailed them
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The Way of Email Marketing

Who doesn’t love the convenience of email? Email has pretty much become an inexplicable part of our everyday lives, as cellphones and Netflix. Some of us compulsively check email on our
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Fundamentals of Social Marketing for B2B Marketers

The concept of social marketing is evolving constantly. This makes it easier for B2B marketers to concentrate more on the future necessities. Each industry has its own level of complexity,
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A Six-Step Checklist for Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

While planning a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s good to have a complete checklist to make sure you have considered all aspects of it. Where you’re new to direct mail
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3 Tips to build an effective Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing is a solid communication tool that any business can use to engage a target audience and prompt them to take action. It isn’t just for marketing and
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Effective Social Media Strategies to Boost Engagement

Email marketing is a giant business and it is most likely to remain the same for many decades to come. In fact, according to a recent State of Marketing Report
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Re-Engagement Ideas for Email Marketing

In addition to emails aimed at abandoned shopping carts and re-engagement with inactive users, there are several ways to manage customer relationships. Re-engagement emails act as a stimulus to customers
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Smart Use of Big Data To Boost Email Marketing Campaign

Over the time, marketers have witnessed a number of channels utilized to access clients, for instance, CRM, mobile, email, and social media grow. These channels are known to collect data.
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Why Do You Need An Email Marketing Expert For Email Campaigns?

If you’re looking to increase the ROI from your email marketing efforts, an email marketing expert may be the answer. An expert can help generate the results you’re looking for.
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