Getting Started: Email Marketing Lists

If you’re wondering how you can start taking advantage of email marketing, email marketing lists is the answer. If you already have a list, but you haven’t effectively mailed them yet, we’ll tell you what you should do in the next section.

First, you’re going to need an email service provider (ESP). A professional, well-known, and trusted company that can handle your email service. There are plenty of reasons to use a reputable ESP, but convenience and improved deliverability are the most important factors. Major ESPs are trusted by internet service providers (ISPs), and so the emails sent on your behalf will get through your recipients’ inbox without any glitch in the matrix. Most important of all, ESPs have templates and widgets that can make email marketing a whole lot easier.

Getting Started With Email Marketing Lists

Often ESPs offer a free trial in your first month, and then you have to pay $30 to $50 a month until your list starts expanding. We highly recommended that you go with a provider that allows you to email at least twice a week without any additional charges. FrescoData has recently started ESP services and has been providing great services till date. Once you’ve ticked ESP off your list, you need to move on to the next big thing: an email list.

There are several ways to get start with your email marketing lists:

  • The easy one: Encourage people to sign-up for your email list. Explain what your list is and why they’d want to receive emails from you.
  • Email your personal and professional network, and ask if you can put them on your list.
  • Ask the contacts in your network to forward your email to their own networks.
  • Buy email lists from a reputable email marketing company. Some of these companies even have a database of customer mailing list, CEO mailing list, executive mailing list and more. (Read: How To Find The Right Email Marketing Company)

One thing you should know is that you don’t have to opt for a big list. In fact, the more relevant it is to your marketing needs the better it is. If you’re buying an email list off an email list provider, you need to look for various factors that will contribute to the success of your campaign:

Are the people in the mailing list relevant to your marketing objective?
Do they fit the profile of an ideal customer?
Would they be interested in your brand and would want to hear more from you?

Spend your money on a list that gives you at least 85% deliverability and is in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

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