Championing the Art of Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile EMail Marketing

Is email marketing a dead concept now?

The contemporary marketers and business leaders who’re all about various forms of digital communication, podcasting, social media, and YouTube will say, ‘Yes. It most definitely is.

However, to an extent, it’s not correct. In reality, the concept of email or email marketing isn’t dead, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Email marketing has found its heaven in mobile email marketing. It’s simply going with the flow. The habits of smartphone usage among the clients indicate that email arrives as the second priority, first being phone calls. Email still remains responsible for major online conversations as compared to social media. Everything is the same except the drastic transformation in email reading medium, the mobile email. Individuals are more likely to open the email in mobile phones as compared to desktop computers.

In early 2013, GetResponse released a report saying 42% of subscribers simply delete those emails that fail to offer correct display on a mobile phone. This suggests that in order to leverage the best out of an email marketing campaign, you should opt for brilliant mobile email marketing strategies.

Mobile Email Marketing Trend

Here are a few tips, which will help you nail the mobile email marketing trend.

Pay Attention to Subject Line

The subject line is very important as it’s the first thing any individual would notice before opening any email on mobile. Your audience may have no idea who you are, so you need a creative, compelling, and direct yet descriptive subject line. There are numerous email designers available in the market to help you design a responsive design of email. Subject lines make a huge difference.

Eye-Catching Images

Mobile email marketing is highly used these days due to increased usage of smartphones among individuals. A majority of clients keep images enabled in default settings. So, this makes the images, which you’re using in email marketing campaign, necessary to be highly appealing. It doesn’t matter whether your audience base in B2C or B2B. But images, on the other hand, do matter. Use an eye-catching and unique image to appeal the audience.

Responsive Design of Email

If you regularly keep a tab on your emails using the smartphone, it’s likely that you know it’s an experience, which can oscillate from being awesome to pathetic. While an email newsletter may look great in your inbox, when it’s squeezed onto a compact, small screen, it can turn out to be completely unusable, having broken layouts, small fonts, and narrow columns. It covers the basics of designing and creating an email, which is mobile-friendly and back it all up with neat techniques and tips.

Find out best practices of responsive emails design

Appealing Pre-Header

The pre-header, also known as the snippet text, is the text, which rests on the top of the header image, especially on smartphones. It’s the initial bit of email text that’s visible to the smartphone users when they go through the email inbox in their smartphones. Instead of age-old boring texts, use some unique content or maybe try using a bit of humor if you can. It’ll appeal the reader to read the entire email.

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