3 Brands That Use Email Marketing to Make Communication More Alive and Playful

Use Email Marketing to Make Communication More Alive
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Marketing talks these days revolve around two subjects –

1.) The impending demise of the old-fashioned email marketing, and

2.) The rise of social media marketing.

The first one will never happen until we embrace an entirely new approach towards marketing that cuts the e-umbilical cord. Here’s why: email marketing in past few years has been growing stronger and stronger on a quarterly basis. According to a recent study conducted by Custora, a predictive analytics firm, it has quadrupled customer acquisition in past four years at nearly 7 percent. Furthermore, the study showed that customers acquired via this form of marketing are 11 percent more valuable compared to the average lot. On the other hand, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter were almost insignificant when it came to drawing customers.

So now we know that, this form of marketing is still effective and works much better when it comes down to attracting customers to your business. It also means a lot of trial-and-error on every new level. There are brands today that have aced at email marketing through many such campaigns of trial-and-error to boost client engagement. Let’s take a look at them and get some quirky, fun tips:

1. SlideShare

What is the use of a well-segmented niche B2B list or a B2C list from a reputed email provider if you keep on sending emails to all the recipients without ever bothering to add a little personalized touch? SlideShare knows how to stand out in the memory of the recipient and makes constant efforts at creating a warmer bond via personalized emails. It not only adds the name of the recipient, but also utilizes an easy-for-the-eye layout that is clean and organized. Not just that, recipients are also educated on how to use the layout with the help of simple and illustrative graphics.

2. Jelly Media

While some business can only dream of making all of their customers be a part of some mega celebration, there are very less brands today that know how to nail it. Jelly Media, a UK based design consultancy decided to send out invitations to users to join them in celebrating their 10th anniversary.

The resulting email was every bit of downright informative and delightful. Apart from filling in subscribers with the primary information of sending the email, they also won their hearts with a quirky sense of humor. The invitation email still circulates around marketers offices worldwide, if you really wanted to know how big the gig played out.

3. Visual.ly

We cannot deny that mobile these days has become the primary focus of all marketing discussions. Be it digital marketing, web design or any form of advertising, a simply UX is usually on the go keeping mobile in mind. But that doesn’t mean that animated visuals are dead. In fact, there’s a lot of fun you can do using HTML5 without being tacky. Visual.ly that infographic guru creates a delightful disco in the form of New Year greetings every year! Through clever use of animations across the layout, those emails are the personification of a warm seasoned greeting from a loved one. Subtle use of design can help brands enhance engagement and not kill it down which can be learnt from Visual.ly!

For more fun ideas on how you can use the right kind of list to enhance client engagement you can contact experts at FrescoData.

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