Questions to Ask Yourself before sending Off that Marketing Email

Crafting a stark email for email marketing means a dozen goof ups, even before you perfect the art and science of it. Access to your recipients’ inbox is itself a great responsibility. For you email marketing is the perfect gateway to earning your potential customers trust. With so many things to take care of, how do you keep yourself from the possible ‘tiny error’ that in turn greatly impacts your brand? How can you make sure that the email contains all the key elements necessary for maximum ROI? How do you know what is the benchmark set for that perfect marketing email?

Here’s something that can help. Why not make a checklist of handy tips you can go through right before you hit the send button?

Down below a few tidbits of accumulated wisdom from Email Marketing Experts at FrescoData:

  1. Will the recipient know who the email is from? It means incorporating not just checking who the recipient will see as the sender, but also making sure that everything that will be visible to the recipient before they open the email. This counts checking to make sure that the ‘from’ address, a subject line, first text in the email, or the image alt text (with right optimization) is there.
  2. Did you make sure who the recipient is? In case you’re sending the same email to everybody on your list, you’re presumably not getting as much juice as you likely could. It’s incredibly easy to collect lots and lots of email marketing data, however, without proper segmentation based on proper demographics it’s useless. Simple as that! Use effective tools and mediums to segment your data properly. If needed experts from FrescoData are happy to guide you with your email marketing needs.
  3. Is your email personal enough? Just because you have the necessary data on your recipient doesn’t mean you’re going to pour it all down in one email and come off as creepy. Personalize but at the same time be relevant. Isn’t that what Email marketing companies are there for?
  4.  Are you sure you aren’t missing out on any important elements? Make sure you aren’t missing out on any important elements that can turn your email twice as much effective. This includes embedding pictures, videos and GIFs – basically elements that can be harnessed into being power email marketing tools. Secondly make sure that your emails are responsive enough. It means crafting emails that can be easily read on a smartphone, tablet or a desktop PC. This is where you can utilize responsive HTML templates to create beautiful, responsive emails.
  5. Are you axing on your conversions? Even minor changes can have a huge effect on your traffic and conversions. Make sure you’ve done everything to maximize the effect of your email, by linking your social media accounts, offering referrals in return for a discount, and taking off idle users from your email records so that your spam scores remain low.

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