4 Best Practices for Email Marketing Subject Line

Email marketing subject line

Even if your email contains the entire script of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, nobody is going to read it if your subject line is crappy. You can do some sorcery, add a few tried-and-true tricks and still not get expected results. Here’s why: the rules to a winning subject line are short and simple. You keep them in mind and your next email marketing campaign will open doors to soaring response rates.

Best Subject Line Tips


Take advantage of all those short attention spans out there by keeping the most important information at the very beginning of your subject line. Keep it short and sweet.

Emails that have subject lines within 30 characters achieve an above-average open rate. Did you know why? A majority of your audience these days use their mobile devices to go through the daily trickle of emails. Mobile devices, no matter how big the screen is, it can only fit 4-8 words.

Your subject line isn’t exactly the right place to get all creative. It should always be relevant to the information in the emails. Tell your audience precisely what’s inside and don’t deceive them. If you’re sharing tips for updating the latest free version of your software, tell people many tips are inside the email. If you’re giving out tips on how to download remove certain viruses using your software, you subject line could be something like this, “How to keep your PC virus free.”


Email marketing is the most effective way to promote your product or services. Your subject line should be clear and concise about what you’re promoting and what the audience can get from it – discount rate, savings, etc. Please don’t bombard with promotional emails all the time, your audience may not feel like buying at that time believing that if they miss this offer you’re certainly going to introduce another one in a week’s time.


Creating a sense of urgency in your emails is the most effective way to drive response rates. Nobody wants to miss out on a great sale or once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make your subject line time sensitive, and exploit the human fear of missing out on a great opportunity. Make sure you don’t send the email at the last minute, you want your audience to have enough time in their hands to respond to your offer. While you’re at it, make sure you don’t add exclamation points to the subject line obnoxiously.


Address your audience by name, and you’ll manage to inspire curiosity. In today’s age of big data, personalized emails are more likely to receive a higher open rate than mildly addressed emails. Spare personalization for the messages you truly require more attention on. Don’t try too hard!

Once you’re done with creating a few winning email marketing subject lines, you can run a test to find out which ones receive the highest open and click rates and improve accordingly.

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