10 Tips for Cheertastic B2B Christmas Email Campaigns – Part 3

christmas email campaigns tips

In our previous post, we shared a few actionable tips on B2B Christmas Email Campaigns to increase your holiday season revenue. To help the campaigns go smoothly, one can rely on – mobile optimization, multi-channel selling, buying email lists, and micro-targeting to kickstart the festive season. To get the most from this holiday season, below are the next five tips to get your Christmas email marketing truly merry and bright!

Seasonal Content

Once you’ve identified your email marketing campaign goal, audience, and timeline, you need to start working on your email marketing content. You need to set the tone of the content depending on what you want to accomplish and how you want to influence your audience.

Christmas Email Campaigns Tips

Use design elements from Canva to create holiday-themed emails. While you’re at it, you can also show off the holiday spirit by redoing your website. Add a splash of two of reindeers, a Santa’s hat on top of your logo, and snowflakes coming down your web pages to make things interesting. But, don’t go overboard with it.


If you’re spending on a well-planned, orchestrated email campaign, you want to make sure it’s good enough to make people want to purchase from you. Run a simple split test on a smaller audience, select the winning email, select the time frame when it’s best to do an email blast, and then send it out in an email blast to the majority.

Run Error Check on Content

The purpose of your Christmas email campaigns is to have tons of people responding to you, leading to higher revenues and ROI. Curating content isn’t just limited to creating something and sending it in an email blast. What you need is someone who can edit the content and check for typos and errors that can be corrected before the final email blasts.

Prioritize CTAs

Here’s a simple rule of thumb for you to follow: limit the amount of CTAs. This will help you focus on a few products or services and prioritize your Call to Action by visually emphasizing on the choices. Use bold and bright colors or you can include visual cues to grab your audiences’ attention. But, make sure you keep them simple and clear. Too many CTAs can be overwhelming and could turn your audience away.

Emotional Triggers

Apple emotional triggers. Nobody cares what you sell, what they care about is how your product can change their lives. Find out emotional triggers, and how you can compel your audience to purchase from you. Use creative, compelling content, include a story to bring your audience closer to an ideal version of themselves and the benefits they will receive from using your product.

So, use this 10 tips for Cheertastic Christmas Email Campaigns, and think how you can apply each of them to your fun and up-beat holiday-themed email marketing campaigns. Read more: FrescoData’s Guide to a Winning Email Campaign.

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