5 Email Ideas for Every Email Marketing Campaign

Ideas for Every Email Marketing Campaign
Ideas for Every Email Marketing Campaign

Studies show that 2.5 billion people in the world have email and that it has the highest return on investment (ROI) for email marketers. With its wide reach and large conversion numbers at an affordable cost, it is easy to see why email marketing is a tactic you should not ignore.
Here are the most important emails you should send out and why you need to incorporate them into your email marketing strategy.

Ideas for Email Marketing Campaign
Ideas for Email Marketing Campaign

Welcome Email

A welcome email is an automated message sent out to new subscribers to welcome them and share any interesting or necessary content with them to build a positive relationship between the two of you. It is a great way to make a good first impression with your new customers and subscribers and welcome them to your email marketing strategy.
74.4% of email subscribers have stated that they expect a welcome message when they subscribe to a new email list. Nevertheless, 41% of brands do not have automated welcome messages set up to reach new subscribers within 48 hours of subscription.
An Experian research report published these stats about welcome emails:

  • Welcome emails have 57.8% higher open rates than 14.6% for other types of emails
  • If emails are sent in real time, open rates for welcome emails increase to 83%
  • Welcome emails have click-through rates of 14.4% while other types have 2.7%
  • Welcome emails have 0.94% conversion rates while other emails have 0.10%

These tips will make your welcome emails stand out from the rest:
Keep it Light: Your welcome emails should be warm and inviting. Connect with your new audience members in an engaging way.
Give Incentives: The DMA states that 30% of markets use a 10% discount in their welcome emails. Offering a discount or other perk will help your new audience members engage with your brand.
Provide Next Steps: Keep your audience interested in your products and services by showcasing how they can interact with your brand. Share links to tips, training, surveys and customer support.

Email Newsletter

A regularly scheduled newsletter is a great email marketing strategy to get your audience to engage with your website. It is also a powerful way to keep them up-to-date with the latest news about your company. Have an expert write your newsletter to your audience, develop a stunning design for it, maintain it with best practices in mind, and offer something of value that they cannot get anywhere else.
A company newsletter is also an intimate and controlled space, and the newsletter’s tone, photos, frequency and topics of choice should not overwhelm people. It should have a conversational voice; and information that equips readers to take on news conversations at work and social events.
Here are a few tips to focus on:

  • Use your Assets: Creating customized newsletter content can be a challenge, so feel free to use what you already have. Your newsletter is a great place to get your customers to interact with your latest blog posts, new features or products.
  • Have a Plan: Schedule your newsletter at the same time each month so your subscribers will know when to expect it in their inboxes. Plan your content calendar around the date of your newsletter so you can ensure that your newsletter is filled with amazing content.
  • Keep it Short: Use small-sized chunks of information in your newsletters. Keeping the copy short and having a link to read more on your site will drive readers to your website to learn more.
  • Change Things Up: Do not simply offer a list of news. Include a variety of different media: videos, images, screenshots, guides, how-tos, etc.

New Product Announcement

Let your existing audience know about new product announcements when they are available through email marketing. They are a great resource for new revenue for your company.
These tips will make your product announcements shine:
Provide a Call to Action: Maximize the revenue you get from your email marketing by driving people to a specific page on your website that shows them all your new products and provides an easy way to purchase those products.
Include Compelling Product Images: Entice your customers with new products with stunning photography. This will spark a desire to see the full range and purchase.

Testimonial Emails

Use another person or company to share positive insight into the virtues of your product or company.
Follow these guidelines to create glowing testimonial emails:
Gain approval: Ask your customers if you can use their quotes, feedback, and photos in your campaigns.
Consider the Design: Use your design to highlight the most important parts of the testimonial. Make your quotes pop and make your images stand out.
Create a Roadmap: Your goal with testimonials is for your audience to learn something. Include links to more testimonials, case studies, and tutorials in these emails as well.

Survey Emails

Surveys will help you gain insight about your audience. This will help you create a more customized user experience for them and improve your products.
Your subscribers are busy people, so do not waste their time when asking them to take your survey. Do not send lengthy emails about how valuable their input is. This will deter them from participating in your survey. They are mainly interested in what is in it for them and how long it will take to complete. If you take longer than 15 seconds to get those two points across and you will probably lose the interest of most of your audience.
To make your surveys stand out, follow these tips:
Include an Incentive: Offer something to motivate your audience to take the survey. Some examples include a discount for a future purchase, a code for free shipping or an entry in a contest.
Make it Simple: Make sure your emails have an obvious button that takes your audience members to your survey.
BONUS Here are some examples of great survey subject lines:

  • Take our short survey and receive 20% off
  • How was your experience? Take our quick survey
  • We’d love your feedback! It’ll only take 3 minutesemail marketing infographic

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