7 Simple Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Even the best email marketers can end up making mistakes. These simple errors can get your emails flagged as spam and you could end up getting blacklisted. Therefore, before you hit the send button, let us consider the following checklist for mistakes which need to be avoided at all costs.

1.     Sending Emails without Permission

You should not send any email marketing material without explicit permission from every individual on your list. Furthermore, it is a good idea to buy such lists from professional businesses. These businesses ensure each member on the list has already given permission, thereby making it a safe bet for you.

2.      Not Testing Your Emails

HTML emails look completely different depending on the device and client they are being viewed on. Even though it may look good to you, the same cannot be said about the others. Sending emails with errors and discrepancies on behalf of your company will have a negative impact on the effectiveness and quality of your email marketing campaigns. This makes it important for you to test your emails to ensure that they look exactly the way you want them to be like.

3.      No Call to Action

Your marketing campaign will be of no use if there is no call to action in the body of your email. The purpose of sending so many emails is that the recipients take some sort of action. You should encourage them to respond as it is an excellent way to maximize your conversions.

4.      Failure to Personalize Each Email

Making the best use of data available sets a good campaign apart from a bad one. Instead of sending generic emails, it is a good idea to send personalized ones. They need to explain the core values of the business and how an individual could benefit from its product or service. Even though every email client is different in terms of list segmentation and manipulation, you need to have an effective criterion to maximize your reach and results.

5.      Ignoring Simple A/B Tests While Outlining your Strategy

A/B email tests are quite simple and yet they are commonly ignored. The findings of these tests yield new methods which increase the rate of conversions. A simple change in the subject line could get you the traction that you were hoping for. You have to constantly tune, tweak, and test every element to get an increased Return on Investments (ROI) which should not be taken lightly.

6.      Non-Mobile Friendly Emails

In this day and age, decision makers read their emails on their smart phones. If your emails are not mobile friendly, you will need to reconsider. Almost sixty four percent of people use portable devices to read their emails. Do you need any more reasons to make the required change? You have to ensure that the landing pages and emails are also suited for the mobile crowd.

7.      Not Optimizing Your Emails for Blocked Images

You have to consider the fact that a majority of individuals have images disabled by default. They may be missing out on important elements along with a defined call to action. You can overcome this obstacle with optimization tactics like converting images to HTML which automatically downloads itself along with the email.

It goes without saying that obvious mistakes are the easiest to make. But the next time you are about to hit send, you will already have taken the necessary precautions to ensure you are successful in what you are trying to achieve. If you are still having problems, you can always get help from the email marketing campaign experts like FrescoData for optimum results.

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