How To Use The Advantages of Email List Rental In A Successful Marketing Campaign?

Advantages of Email List Rental In A Successful Marketing Campaign

With all the benefits of email marketing, you’d think it would be easy to have a successful email marketing campaign. And it is, once you have a targeted email list or can take advantage of email list rental. One bonus of renting email lists is that everyone is unaware of the benefits of email list rental and its role in a successful marketing campaign.


The Importance of A Reputable Email List Provider in Email List Rental


From the perspective of seasoned marketers, email list rental would not be the ideal choice for creating any marketing campaign. This is understandable. After all, organic list building allows you to own your list and build a loyal following from the start. The downside of organic list building is the time, investment, and trial you have to go through before developing a credible list. 

List rental eliminates all that effort and allows you to dive into your business and campaign goals faster. Funneling your prospects quicker and increasing conversion rates. Of course, to reap these benefits, you need access to a clean, up-to-date, targeted email list with a high delivery rate. And this is why you need a reputable email list provider

Otherwise, you can end up being another marketing horror story marketers tell to warn people away from buying email lists. A credible email list provider won’t just give you an email list. First, you must know your target audience, business, and campaign goals. 

Depending on your business type, you may need the updated emails of key decision-makers, which is not available to all email list rental companies. Corporate email lists for B2B enterprises are always in demand and require different tactics from customer email lists. Selling consumer emails under the guise of B2B email lists is another shady tactic of unprofessional email list rental companies. 

Aside from having the latest relevant data, your rented email lists need to be complete. Incomplete lists decrease your chances for success and devalue the worth of the rented email list. A reputable email list provider assures you get a complete list with accurate information by providing data enhancement services.  

Selecting a reputable email list provider for an email list rental service can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign or a damaged business reputation. It is imperative to check the freshness of their data sources, the relevance and accuracy of the email lists, and compliance standards. Data enhancement services are a bonus that can assist in email validity. 


Advantages of Email List Rental


Once you’ve selected a reputable email list broker, you can reap all the advantages of email list rental. But first, lets’ recap what you need to look for when choosing your email list.


Segmented and Targeted Email Lists

Make sure when renting email lists you choose based on your industry, targeted audience and goals. You should select email lists available by country, corporate email lists of key decision-makers for B2B, or campaign-specific lists.


Data Validation Services

Invalidated data equals an incomplete list, and an incomplete list means a failed campaign and the risk of GDPR or CAN-SPAM non-compliance. Data validation and data enhancement services provide that extra layer of freshness and protection for customers and businesses by improving database management and targeting accuracy.


Measurable Returns

A targeted email list makes it easier to measure the performance of your email or direct mail campaign. The more segmented your list, the easier it is to pinpoint and address other issues in your marketing strategy.


Buy Opt-in Ready

Being opt-in ready means your audience is willing to receive marketing information from your industry. Buy opt-in email lists are even sweeter. These leads are ready to buy and, with the right strategy, can become organic leads loyal to your brand.



The whole point of pinpoint targeting is to increase your open and conversion rates. Why should the same email list work for another campaign or company? You should be able to reuse your rented email list to a certain extent in another direct mail campaign or with mobile-optimized emails, but not for ALL campaigns.

Now that you know how to choose your rented email list and recognize a credible email list broker let’s check out the advantages of email list rental.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easily Segmented
  • Buy Opt-In Ready
  • Measurable Performance
  • Versatility in Engagement

Remember, these advantages of email list rental are only available by partnering with a reputable email list provider and knowing what to look for in a quality rented email list. Renting email lists can be cost-effective due to pinpoint targeting and segmentation. Pinpoint targeting also makes data analysis easier, allowing for retargeting or re-engagement. Rented lists can be used for engagement in various ways, including with videos in permission-based marketing, infographics in direct mail marketing, or for mobile-optimized emails as part of geofencing mobile marketing. Another benefit of the versatility of rented email lists is reaching both local and global audiences without lengthy market testing and investment.


Key Metrics To Check When Using Rented Email Lists


An effective email marketing campaign is already a powerful marketing tactic. Email marketing, especially when it comes to B2B email lists, is 79% more successful than consumer email. However, just sending out random emails won’t get you the result you need.

And what are the results you need? Not every metric is worth measuring, but some metrics are necessary for every marketing campaign. Here are some key performance indicators (KPI’s) you should check on after sending a rented email.

  • Open Rates – How many of the emails were opened.
  • Conversion Rates – Counts how many recipients performed the action you wanted them to.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) – How many links and images they clicked on.
  • Spam Complaint – Important when dealing with rented email lists. If they are too high, address those complaints to your email list broker.
  • Bounce Rate – Emails that never made it to the inbox. Low deliverability rates for a rented email list are ALWAYS the fault of the email list provider.
  • Lifetime Value (LTV) – The amount of money this customer spent since you got them
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – The amount of money you made with the marketing campaign.
  • Unsubscribe Rate – Another important KPI for rented email lists. A large number of immediate sign-offs is a huge red flag.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – Great for comparing the cost of your organic list-building efforts against renting email lists.
  • Email Device – Checks the type of device the email was opened on—the deciding factor when using mobile-optimized emails.

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software may be able to give you a list of 20 KPI’s, and still, you may not fully grasp which one is of any value or what to do with the information. The ten metrics listed here are just some of the basic and more advanced KPIs you need to check for when renting email lists. Apart from spam compliant, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rates, just in case, you can also check delivery to inbox rate.

Delivery to inbox rate verifies your emails are really in the inboxes and not spam folders. It is an important metric to use when dealing with potential unscrupulous email rental list companies. Paired with conversion rates, ROI, and click-to-open rates, you can see whether or not your rented email list was a purchased opt-in email or B2B email list.

The accurate and timely analysis of KPIs is another reason why selecting the right email list provider matters. Many email list rental companies do not provide data analysis services and leave data validation to you and probably your CRM. Though a decent CRM will give you timely results and allow for A/B testing, they don’t always assist in email strategy or provide data enhancement services.


The Legalities and Cost of Email List Rental


As a marketer, buying and renting email lists does come with that tainted odor and feeling of cheating or even failure. Though it is not illegal, for many years, buying email lists has been seen as a tactic equal to buying followers with the same outcome – business failure. And yes, renting emails from the wrong email list broker with a weak email marketing strategy can have that effect. Still, from the right email list provider, you can end up uplifting your business ahead of the competition.

The cost of email list rental from an unscrupulous email broker is high when you add non-compliance with anti-spam regulations, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates. Email list rental is vastly cheaper than building an organic list and can still give you genuine organic leads tailored for your business. The key to making the most out of your rented email list is to not treat your rented list as a rented list.

The people on your rented email list will be real people. And just as you respect the time and effort of the people on your organic list. You should do the same with your rented list. Email list rental cannot work without an effective marketing strategy and obeying anti-spam laws.

The only difference between renting email lists and buying emails is in the immediate ownership of the list. Email list rental doesn’t have to be complicated or feel like a back alley deal. It can be part of your everyday business operations supplied by a legitimate, GDPR approved email list provider.


How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign Using Rented Email Lists?


Email marketing may be the oldest form of digital communication, but it is still the best. Over 92% of adults use emails, and 99% of them check them every day! The main advantage of emails is the ownership factor which many marketers feel they lose out on with email list rental, which is further from the truth. Once the lead double opts in, they are now your loyal customer and, therefore, a legitimate part of your business.

Developing a successful email marketing campaign requires essential tools and pinpoint targeting paired with creative personalized content. This seems relatively easy, but one missed detail or out-of-touch content can increase your unsub rate at light speed. Paying attention to each element of your email marketing strategy is the first step to campaign success.

The basics tools should pay attention to will be your rented email list, email list provider, and content. More advanced tools mainly have to do with targeting, personalization, permission, data validation, and analysis. This has to do with the headers and content you create and being spam compliant.

You pay attention to these elements to avoid a lot of hiccups in your marketing campaign. Such as: –

  • Irrelevant content
  • Mass media approach
  • Cold leads
  • Deliverability issues
  • Customer journey confusion

Partnering with a reputable email list provider eliminates all these potential issues while giving you the power of automation, spam compliance, personalization, and a frictionless customer experience. Adding creative content into your emails should enhance and not detract from campaign goals. Knowing what type of content appeals to which buyer persona is not something a CRM can tell you without a lengthy testing process.

Yet, another one of the advantages of email list rental. Rented email lists are already tested and segmented according to demographics and behavior. You are making it easier for you to maximize the returns of your marketing campaign. By incorporating these five email marketing campaign tips, email list rental can be crucial to your campaign success.



Personalization goes beyond putting the customer’s first name in the email. It should be in the type of content used because nobody wants to be shown irrelevant content. 74% of people hate it.


Mobile Optimized Emails

Mobile optimized emails and content is not an option. 50% of that 99% of adults open emails on mobile devices, and 81% prefer to use their smartphones to check emails. To be on the safe side, optimize all emails for mobile and be done with it.


Customer Journey Awareness

The best part of using rented emails is being segmented according to what stage your customer is in their customer journey. Once you know which stage of the customer journey you want your potential leads, you’ll be able to craft an email campaign to meet those goals. Customer journey awareness helps with personalization and content creation.



Consistency is needed to build brand loyalty and recognition. Leaving email automation to your CRM can work once you know the right triggers to choose to promote engagement. Of course, this again takes us back to segmentation and pinpoint targeting, which means those triggers could potentially release a flood of emails to the wrong person at the wrong time.


Permission-Based Marketing

Once you deal with emails, permission-based marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing campaign. Remember, spam complaints and unsubscribe rates are not metrics you should aspire to have a lot of. Again, this goes back to the value of your rented email list and your email list broker.

Creating a successful marketing campaign using your rented email list is a lot easier and faster than with an organic list. Mainly, this is due to the freshness of data in list rental and the validity of the email list provider. Your organic list is already a few steps behind without tools like data validation, segmentation, and data enhancement services.

You’ll need a targeted email list that won’t bounce back or raise spam concerns no matter the marketing strategy. This is where the importance of choosing a reputable email list provider affects your chances of success. The availability of buy opt-in and B2B email lists is a bonus for B2B companies and those looking for rapid results.

Partnering with a credible email list broker is step one on the road to your successful email marketing campaign. Ensuring your emails are valid and segmented for pinpoint targeting is the second. And lastly, providing mobile-optimized emails that are personalized with valuable and relevant content that boosts conversion rates.

Contact FrescoData and take advantage of our buy opt-in emails with a 95% delivery rate! Talk to us today!

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