The Reason Why Big Data in Mobile Marketing Cannot Be Ignored

As technology is advancing, building an enhanced version of mobile marketing strategies is one of the biggest mobile marketing challenges that marketers have to face. The boost in adoption rates for mobile videos and wearable technologies will soon lead to a revolution in the delivery approaches.

Big Data in Mobile Marketing

Big Data in Mobile Marketing

A fresh scenario of mobile advertising suggests that the use of Big Data in mobile marketing is a necessity, not a trend. And it will carry the same tradition in the future as technology nowadays is heavily obsessed with Big Data.
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Contemporary teams, according to a report generated by VentureBeat, are most likely to struggle with some issues such as:

  • Highly competitive market as a result of sky-high adoption rates of mobiles
  • Abandonment of platform and apps on mobile devices
  • Building mobile experiences that are disruption-free and seamless

Big Data in mobile marketing is crucial because building high-return and engaging mobile marketing experiences needs accurate personalization. Now this necessity can be fulfilled only with the help of Big Data, which deals with everything from analysis and data curation to information privacy.

At present, hardly 13 percent of marketers are offering segmented experiences on mobile, compared to 43 percent of campaigns powered on desktops.
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As more and more brands are adopting mobile marketing, personalization, which is strongly data-driven is necessary to fetch good results in a landscape where competition is growing day by day.

In order to offer effective on-site search results, product recommendations, and a few other customization approaches require knowledge. Without Big Data, a better approach towards mobile marketing is not possible.

Sophisticated marketers have already started keeping customer insight’s centralized database. It starts from the web analytic and transactional to social sources that are housed in a typical Data Management Platform, which again only Big Data can fetch.

The rise in mobile technology has opened a vast chest of wealth, which consists of new insights for marketers who are cool enough to seek the correct third-party sources of data. As the trend of mobile marketing is increasing, big data is becoming critical to achieving success.

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