Why Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing?

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is on rage nowadays, and it is here to stay. Businesses across potential zones have started implementing mobile marketing strategies quite successfully. They have certainly a few compelling reasons to do so.

Below we’ve mentioned a few mobile marketing statistics and the implications, which they hold for marketers and businesses.

The New Leader

In 2015, Google offered a prediction that 85.9 billion mobile searches will overtake 84 billion desktop searches. In 2013, search ad expenditure for Google mobile search increased to 120.8 percent while search ads based on desktop registered only 2.3 percent growth.


Almost 40 percent of searches done on mobile are local in nature. When the user is not on the go, for instance at home or work, the number climbs up to 77 percent. Regardless of whether you’re the owner of a department store or a restaurant, the advantages of mobile marketing cannot be ignored.

Instant Conversions

It is noted that just within five hours of mobile search, 81 percent of the conversions take place. This means that marketers need to have trained manpower and infrastructure in place to manage the phase of post search. Conversion heavily relies upon your business being searched on mobile devices. This offers a great user experience and prepares marketers to service the possible volume.

Networking Opportunities

The top five reasons for smartphone use are as mentioned below:

Phone calls – 83%, Photography – 62%, Searches – 67%, Emails – 74%, and Social Media – 57%

The above-mentioned figures display a high percentage of smartphone users who opt for mobile devices to check emails. Marketers can use this to target their audience for email newsletters.

Peak Hours

The frequency of searches conducted on mobile increases in the slot 8 pm – 2 am. During the holiday seasons, these mobile searches increase twice the amount. Taken either individually or together, these facts have crucial implication on mobile marketers. The boost in marketing endeavors during the above mention periods will yield greater benefits by exposing your business to more individuals.

Target all Groups

The age-group 55 – 64 is regarded as Twitter’s fastest growing user demographic. On the contrary, the demographics for Google+ and Facebook are 45 – 54. So what mobile marketers actually need to do is target all age groups on various social media websites.

In the United States, 75 percent of mobile users carry their smartphone with them in the bathroom. So, marketers should think about moving to mobile marketing rather than solely focusing on email marketing if they wish to lure the mass.

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