Build Huge Email Lists Using Double Opt-In Email Marketing

Double Opt-in Email Marketing

Email Marketeers love to build big mailing lists. Every email list contains the contact information of a potential lead, a possible scale and a way to increase more profitable outcomes. Growing an email list is very significant for a healthy email list that will further be used during marketing campaigns. Marketeers have to build healthy and hygienic email lists to drive more sales leads from their marketing campaigns.

Though, at times, for email service providers, email list management is very dreadful. For example, you are having a big email list, but low open rates, it can be best described as a nightmare especially when integrating into campaigns. You are sending emails to subscribers, but if they find those emails uninteresting, the chances of the email getting clicked are very less. Moreover, bad email templates can be boring and uninteresting for them which is not what the subscribers want.

To overcome such scenario, you need to have an email list that is of best quality and also responsive. A few days ago, I went to a furniture shop where, I found my best match and while I was about to leave the shop, a sales person handed over me a feedback form and asked me to fill my personal details in the given form. The next day, I received an email from that shopkeeper, where I received an attractive email template showcasing their services and discounts that have been mentioned on a particular product.

Opt-In Email Marketing

Get more leads and re-opt in your email marketing systems. Email marketing becomes a bit tough especially when you want to build an email list that is more precise and effective. You want to earn customers and value them based on their liking and interests. Though, many times marketeers deliver emails to subscribers which are often awful to look at, carrying a bad designed email template. They probably might not be facing a huge loss in getting more leads to their online shop, this results to decrease in their open and click-through rates.

An exceptional solution is always there when you are finding your task a bit difficult. I have one or may be a few ideas to share with you that can prove to be effective and helpful in multiplying your email marketing campaigns success.

You want your email lists to be responsive and effective. And, you also want to stand out from thousands of emails pilled in your recipients’ mailbox. Most importantly, you want to get your subscribers click on the email you have sent.

A clear, compelling, and an alternative call-to-action link is important. You might be having a single opt-in email list, but are you sure that a particular email belongs to a particular subscriber or not? The first and foremost thing you need to do is to go with the single opt-in email list you are having, revise your email’s verification task by sending emails to the subscribers. This process is called ‘Double Opt-in’.

  • While delivering an email to the subscriber, make sure you add a clear and compelling subscription link in your mail body. You can carry out this task by,
  • Offering discounts when an email subscriber clicks on a confirmation link.
  • Get their email address verification valid by making them click on to verify their email address.
  • And lastly, providing a gift voucher, when an email subscriber clicks on subscribe me link.

It’s your task to implement the above activity in your email marketing strategy. Using these techniques, you will be able to, drive more sales leads in to your business and revive your email list with valid and fresh subscribers. An accurate and valid email subscriber information can help make your marketing campaigns more successful.

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