How to Buy a Qualitative Segmented Email List

Data is powerful asset for any organization. Legitimate email vendors provide excellent opt-in email marketing lists that meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of marketing customers worldwide. Email marketers utilize such email data from past purchase or through web crawler.

A majority of marketers follow the rightful practice of ‘buying opt-in lists’ from vendors who adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Customers are tedious in surfing huge data from the web and hence usually rely on relevant email vendors to get such segmented email lists from.

A good number of email vendors fail to provide accurate data which is a prime concern for most businesses. People always want to hear from reputable brands that don’t follow the practice of sending unsolicited emails. Curious customers are always waiting for attractive and tempting offers from the marketers. People get anxious if they receive any mails which they hadn’t opted for.

How to Buy a Qualitative Segmented Email List

Buying Segmented Email List

Below are a few points which you should consider while buying an email lists.

Data should be accurate and relevant

Accuracy is a prime concern while delivering data. Most email vendors promise to deliver accurate and up-to-date data to customers, although very few fulfill their promises. If there is no accurate data relevant to the demand, then the data is fully choked up with bad email address. This is known as Email List Churns. People are likely to lose 1/3rd of the data every year. Instead of wasting time and money chasing poor quality contacts, or even worse, email contacts that don’t exist, clients tend to invest in marketing activities that establish their organization as an industry leader. Email vendors must build up trust with the website visitor which in result helps to convert website visitors into opt-in email subscriber and loyal customer.

Data personalization

Legitimate email vendors must establish a good relationship between customers. Through this, the vendors can build up sense of trust and confidence with the email recipients. Better data and email personalization is one of the tactics to deliver relevant information to the concerned person. Irrelevant data of the person can impact the brand and reputation of the company.

Violation of the terms and services

Most of Email Service Providers (ESPs) outline the two items in terms of the services, 1.) by not sending unsolicited email (spam) and, 2.) Next, is not to utilize the purchased, retired or third party tool for email listing. One ripe mango spoils the whole basket just as too many emails route through an IP address and if poor quality emails are sent, it can have an adverse effect on the most of customers email deliverability.

Reducing the email deliverability

Email is one of the good means of modern business communication. Emails primarily end up in three things;

  1. Successful delivery of email into the recipient’s inbox
  2. Routed to junk or spam folder
  3. Caught by email service provider
  4. If EPS is blocking your mail, it won’t be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox.

Opt-in email addresses are the upshots for earning the interest and trust. Subscribers opt for the email content they desire to receive,

  1. Requesting email alerts when new blog posts are published.
  2. When a new product feature is available.

Always go for list providers who offer at least 85% deliverability guarantee. For these, one must purchase Consumer & Business Email Lists and Direct Mail Marketing Lists from Direct Marketing Association (DMA) members only.

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