Invigorate Your Email Marketing Campaign with 2015’s Top Trends

Below are some tactics that will help to  revive your email marketing strategies:

Invigorate Email Marketing Campaign

1. Make your campaigns mobile friendly

Mobile has made a revolutionary change in the today’s digital market. Mobile users are increasing day by day. According to a source, 65% of the emails are being opened from the mobile device. From 2013-2014, the amount of mobile shipping had increased by 25%. By 2018 year, the expected number of Smartphone users is going to be increased by 1.8 billion around the globe.

Make the email designs simple and responsive, focused on the content with images that are not too large. Advanced email marketers working in predominant retail market are finding an animated GIF to be more effective for the recipients.

2. Real-time marketing

Real-time marketing promotes marketers to make use of such aesthetic designs, animations and cinematographic images go live and vibrant such that it increases engagement with potential and existing customers.

3. Audience interests and likings/perception view

For getting grasp of the content, you have to carry out surveys related to audiences’ interests and likings over products and services. What kind of content they desire to have in their box?  What products or services are they expecting? How frequently does your audience look forward to receiving an email/newsletter from you? For carrying out survey’s you can make use of many survey products available in the market.

For example,

SurveyMonkeyKwikSurveys, and SurveyPlanet just to name a few. Simply make sure that you keep your survey time short, not exceeding 5-6 questions, so that your audience doesn’t lose their interest. Once you’re done with your survey, attach a link to it in an email.

 4. Measuring your performance

Your survey is incomplete unless and until, it is compared and measured with the past performance. Create a content that is always suitable and worthy for your audience. Make use of SEO tools for measuring the metrics.

Here is a quick list of the metrics for measuring your performance with the average rate aimed:-

  • Deliverability Rate: How many mails are delivered to your subscribed audience? An ideal deliverability rate should be 85% to 90% for any digital marketing firm.
  • Open Rate: This email marketing metric shows the number of emails that were actually opened by your subscribers. The ideal measurement for an open rate should be 18% to 25%.
  • Bounce Rate: How many emails sent were undelivered to the recipients? The expected measurement of bounce rate for the digital firm should be within 8% to 12%.
  • Conversion Rate: How many recipients have clicked the call-to-action link provided in mail? How many download links were clicked? How many purchases were made by recipients from the provided link? The ideal conversion rate must be 5% to 10 %.
  • Unsubscribe rate: How many recipients clicked for “unsubscribed” mentioned at the bottom of your mail? The ideal measurement for unsubscribed rate is 0.25%.

5. Eliminate usage of purchased list

Smart email marketers often tend to increase bulk of opt-in email list either through purchasing from the online marketing vendor or using third-party tools. One must always read and comply with the “CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003” before adding recipients to the opt-in email list.

The email list purchased from such a source embodies the mixture of bad email addresses which can destroy the brand reputation. Marketers must deliver quality services and products to their potential and existing customers using certified email marketing vendors.

6. Location specific

To be more specific in delivering qualitative and quantitative data, marketing campaign should be location specific. The demographic data helps enrich an email list with more segmentation elements that are relevant to the target audience. Such an email list is chunked into various categories: email marketing by industry, country, zip code, online marketing and alias.

 7. Use double opt-in list instead of single opt-in

The new opt-in process allows your recipients to opt-in your brands’ email program by sending signup form for subscription. When your recipient triggers on the link for the subscribing, send a confirmation link along the mail for confirmation. The double opt-in list protects your list and ensures that your subscribers are real.

8. Predictive intelligence
Predictive intelligence

applies tendency models to identify the combination of content and offers most likely to generate a response. It has been popular core feature which is already available in many mailing tools.

Predictive intelligence helps adding personalized data, real-time content to your mail messaging by reflecting the latest behavioral and preference data gleaned from your audience.

With each and every mail interaction, you can carry forward your email marketing strategies to the next level building long-term customer relationships.

9. Social Media to grow your email list

Social media has been contributing to the digital world. You can make use of social media to grow your lists. Keep posting up-to-date information, promotional offers and guidelines to engage with your audience.

10. Deliver blogs, newsletters, images and videos

Embed your content and videos for the audience with the relevant links they desire to see. Send blogs and articles weekly to subscribed recipients.

There are many factors available for strategic email marketing. Email marketers should implement the new reforms and changing trends to cope with the today’s ever evolving and ever more challenging digital market. Benefits of such reforms help email marketing firms restructure their marketing strategies. It aids the digital firm in an efficient manner to match up to the target market needs.

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